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Top Project Management Methods

The Top 5 Project Management Methods Compared

Forward-thinking managers and leaders in today’s project management environment don’t stick to just one methodology; they become knowledgeable about several of them and learn how to combine different approaches to meet the needs of every given project.  In the following, you’ll get to know the most important project management methods and when and how to

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Freelancer Contract Feature Image

Freelancer Contract: What Must Be Included? What Is Important?

If you want to work as a freelancer for a company, it is advisable to record all details and general conditions in a freelance contract. This contract forms the basis for the cooperation and ensures that it can run smoothly.
So what exactly is a freelance contract? What are the components of a freelance contract? What do I have to pay attention to as a freelancer?

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How to write user stories in scrum

User Stories in Scrum – What Is a User Story?

The end-user must always come first in an agile process. Organizations employ user stories to aid in that. For example. Scrum Product Backlog entries are frequently written in the form of User Stories. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about the Scrum User Stories.

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What Does A Relocation Service Do

What Does a Relocation Service Do?

In the course of globalization, the number of so-called relocation services or relocation agencies has also grown strongly in Germany. They help companies attract international talent by facilitating the move of future employees to the company’s country.
An alternative that many companies don’t recognize are freelancers. Read more on the topic why and how freelancers can help.

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Hiring Freelancers Remotely

5 Practical Tips to Hire (Freelancers) Remotely

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the classic job interview has been increasingly replaced by remote solutions due to contact restrictions. According to a study by the German Association of Personnel Managers (BPM) and the job portal StepStone, online interviews had doubled within 8 weeks at the beginning of 2020. In 2022, employee searches via the Internet will play a greater role than ever before. Especially in freelancer recruiting, a lot takes place remotely. We have 5 tips for you for a successful conclusion.

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Client Acquisition for Freelancers

7 Tips for Better Client Acquisition for Freelancers

Client acquisition is an important topic for many freelancers and necessary for professional success in freelancing. What exactly client acquisition means, where the difference between cold and warm acquisition is and what are the best tips for better client acquisition for freelancers, you can read in this article.

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Becoming a Freelancer

A 7-Step Guide for Becoming a Freelancer in 2023

In the last stories we told a lot about the life as a freelancer. We gave information on the impostor syndrome, how to best prepare for technical interviews and showed you the top trends for 2022.
But we never explained how to become a freelancer.
In this guide we show you steps on how to get started and give an overview on the life as a freelancer.

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Impostor Syndrome

7 Tips to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

People who are affected by impostor syndrome believe that they are impostors themselves. They think that they do not deserve their success and suffer from self-doubt.
In this article, we clarify what impostor syndrome exactly is, what its characteristics and causes are , and what tips and tricks exist to overcome it.

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How to prepare for a technical interview as a Freelancer

How to Best Prepare for a Technical Interview as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, there are many things to consider when it comes to a technical interview. How can I best prepare myself? What are things the client wants to know? How do I behave?
Read in this article how a technical interview for IT-Freelancer is structured, how do you best prepare for it and what do you need to consider during the interview?

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Rocket shooting into the sky

7 Q&As About Staff Augmentation to Help Businesses Succeed

An increasing number of companies around the world are turning to external staff to increase their work capacity and leverage a larger talent pool. In North America and Asia in particular, the use of Staff Augmentation is widely spread. In Germany, however, this type of staff expansion is still a largely unexploited concept. Staff Augmentation is a concept that is gaining momentum due to the shortage of skilled workers and accelerated digitalization. However, many do not understand how to benefit from it. The following will give a solid introduction to the topic.    

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What is Time-To-Hire and What Role Do Freelancers Play?

Time-to-hire is one of the most important metrics in HR or personnel departments – and not without reason. An efficient time-to-hire can set a company on the path to success, while a significantly improvable timeframe can hinder the company in its development and even in everyday tasks. In this context, freelancers play a key role. 

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Freelancer Onboarding

Freelancer Onboarding in 6 Easy Steps 

Not all employees have to be permanent – 70% of small businesses in the USA use freelancers for their projects, and the number is also increasing in Germany. This is particularly true in the IT sector, where freelance specialists are increasingly employed. According to the 2021 IT Freelancers study by IDG Research Services, 78% of

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Projektmanagement Software kostenlos

The 11 Best Free Project Management Software 

Particularly for newly founded start-ups, budget plays a significant role. Therefore, every investment in new project management software needs to be well planned. However, it’s even better if tools that are provided for free by programmers can be downloaded from the internet. If you are looking for project management software that is free, these 11

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