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Software development is one of the modern areas of the business and working world. But what does this term mean and what do software developers do? Learn more about the different types of software development, which eight steps make up a good development process and which important terms you should know. Here you can also find software developers or sought-after jobs in the industry!

What Is Software Development?

Software development or software engineering deals with the development of software. In the modern world software development is a crucial part of our modern world. This was different in the past as it took a long time before the first computers were developed. The first device, which can be classified as such was built in 1941. Then in 1975, the first personal computer or PC made it to stores. Since then, the popularity of computers has rapidly spread around the world. It seems almost impossible to imagine life without it today. 

Software is necessary for any computer to function properly. Due to the rapid development of information technology, one can find software in many areas. Networks or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets depend on it. These programs supplement the computer’s hardware and do not take over technical or physical functions. Specially trained software developers are used to create, repair or expand these programs. These experts are usually known as programmers or software developers. 

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What Does a Software Developer Do?

Software developers are the experts with specialized skills and experience to develop programs. The job is demanding and requires extensive training. Many programmers have degrees in computer science or similar fields. In addition, many software developers refine their skillset during their studies by taking courses such as bioinformatics, embedded systems, media informatics, or business informatics. Since software development offers a vast variety of knowledge many developers continue their studies and obtain a master’s degree. 

However, not all software developers went to university. Many programmers have completed traditional vocational training. If you are still at the beginning of your professional life and do not want to join academia, your best option is an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development. If this does not sound appealing to you either you can also become a developer without taking these traditional paths. The knowledge can be learned autodidactically, i.e. on your own. You can easily find high-quality technical literature, websites, video courses and much more. Some of these you can find free of charge. 

Most software developers have knowledge of C++ or Python, which are currently in high demand. Programming languages like these are used to develop operating systems, websites, and apps, etc. Many experts specialize their skillset in software solutions. Some might focus on Android mobile operating system while some focus on solutions for Apple products and others pick an entirely different primary focus.  

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What Are the Steps in the Software Development Life Cycle?

The development process of software is also called Software Development Life Cycle. This is the cycle that a programmer in software development must go through to produce a new product. The process can consist of these steps or phases:

  • Analysis: investigating what program is useful or needed, or what problem requires a digital solution.

  • Specification: finding and putting together an idea of what the program should look like at the end of the software development process.

  • Design: complete design of the program in finished drafts, which are distinguished in rough and fine.

  • Development: programming the software.

  • Test: testing whether the created program fulfills its tasks and, if necessary, rework – Delivery: the program is published and marketed.

  • Maintenance: includes possible repairs and improvements – Support: taking care of users

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What Types of Software Development Are There?

There is no single type of software developer as they can can specialize in numerous areas. Angular developers are considered to be particularly sought-after professionals. Data Scientists are also in high demand since their expertise in handling in data deals with one of the most valuable raw materials of our time. The following types of programmers also play an important role in software development today: cloud developers, app developers, and security software developers. Of course, this is not an extensive list. 

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The Most Important Terms in Software Development

Applications: Or apps for short are mainly used on mobile devices. 

Cloud computing: In IT, cloud computing refers to a resource that is available online. Here, for example, users can store large amounts of data for which they no longer have space on their own devices. 

Embedded systems: Embedded systems are used in software development for computers that are implemented in machines, technology or high-tech applications. 

Mobile Solutions: Mobile solutions include the apps mentioned earlier. But they also play a role for other devices. For example, they are also used in barcode scanners at supermarket checkouts. In addition, mobile solutions can be found in smart watches and fitness wristbands.

Security software: Anyone working as a security software programmer must exercise the utmost care. This is because these programs serve to ensure the security of users. It can be, for example, a firewall or an antivirus program.

Software Tools: A software tool is the tool with which programmers work in software development itself. Meant thus among other things text editors, user interfaces or Debugger.

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What is software development?

In software development, special professionals (software developers) work on digital products. These primarily include programs, apps, operating systems and, in some cases, even websites. In addition, existing software systems are revised and further developed in the industry.

What steps does the software development process consist of?

The software development process or life cycle consists of up to eight steps: Analysis, Specification, Design, Development, Test, Delivery, Maintenance and Support. However, these steps are not relevant in every process.

Which types of software development one differentiates?

There are many different types of software development. These include APIs, applications (apps), back ends, clouds, data sciences, embedded systems, mobile solutions, security softwares, software tools and web programs.

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