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ElevateX is an IT service provider, accordingly, we are looking for freelancers with an IT background. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Mobile App Developers 
  • Android Developers 
  • iOS Developer 
  • Flutter Developer 
  • Full-Stack Developers 
  • Front-End Developer 
  • Web Developer 
  • Project Manager 
  • Project Owner 
  • Scrum Master 
  • Data Scientist 
  • DevOps Specialist 
  • IT Security Expert 
  • UX/UI Designer 
  • Blockchain Developer  

Contact us if you want to join our network to grow together and work on exciting and challenging projects. You can start our application process here. 

There are many industries that are worth joining as a freelancer. However, the IT sector offers a prosperous outlook with a high degree of flexibility, as the demand for IT professionals is constantly growing across a variety of industry.

Generally – but especially in the IT sector – it is important to constantly develop your skills and to recognize future trends and important developments. You can find out more about what we can expect in the future in this blog post.

At ElevateX, we know how different freelance professions and requirements can be. However, clear trends are emerging, and project providers are looking for experts in their discipline. Currently, the top skills among freelancers include programming, digital communication and marketing, graphic design, and organizational talent.

You can find more information on how to become a freelancer in our free eBook.

Yes, whether you are looking for an additional source of income, activity on the side, or the pursuit of your passion, there can be many varied reasons for choosing to freelance part-time.

You can find out more in one of our blog posts, where we spoke to Maria and Laura, two freelancers working part-time.

In Germany you are obliged to have at least two insurances: health insurance and casualty insurance. In addition to the legally required insurances, however, occupational disability insurance, pension insurance, and professional liability insurance are also recommended. You can read more about this here.

The freelance community thrives on its dynamism, and there are a variety of sources of information on freelance work. You can find helpful tips and tricks regarding on our blog, our website, and our LinkedIn profile. This is one of our recommended resources. Our co-founder Ralf has also written a post on his LinkedIn profile with his recommendations regarding this topic.

A lot more information on freelancing, and it can be found in our resourcesection.

The fact that customer acquisition is harder than it seems at first glance, is often concealed. Of course, personal experience or specialized companies like ElevateX are helping you. We connect customers and freelancers to unleash the power of freelancing in exciting IT projects. In the following success stories, you can find out for yourself how our customers have benefitted from their collaboration with us:

Client Acquise can be a hard topic for freelancers. You can find more about that topic in our blog post.

We’ve summarized 9 practical tips for using LinkedIn successfully. This includes, for example, profile optimization. This means having:  

  • A profile picture suitable for your profession 
  • A tagline suitable for your profession or your goals 
  • Important contact information 
  • Information about you in a profile description 
  • Your professional experience and commitment 

The key to any successful negotiation is preparation: The better prepared you are in a conversation, the higher the probability that you will be able to achieve your expectations. We have presented five practical tips for successful negotiations in this article.

Even though there are a lot of things to consider, there is one particular upside for freelancers in Germany: they are not obliged to contribute to the traditional pension system (yet – subject to change given the ongoing political discussions). This means that you have all the freedom in deciding which retirement plans fits your needs best. We have summarized the most important topics in this article.

If not taken care of, false self-employment can pose a threat to freelancers and clients alike. The “freelancer” status is revoked, the contractor becomes an employer and has to retrospectively pay social security contributions, and further penalties may follow. There are some rules that need to be taken into account in the day-to-day work between freelancers and companies. A detailed list can be found here.

It is fundamentally important to look for the best sources of information and to use them regularly. These sources can include podcasts, websites, or even YouTube videos. We have linked two of our articles: a general list of good sources and the favorites of our customers, partners, and other freelancers.

Even though requirements differ from project to project, some general guidelines can be highlighted: Successful freelancers can perform a concise and personalized pitch, select a portfolio that suits the needs of the client, and deliver consistent results. As this topic is of general nature, we are recommend th LinkedIn post of our CEO Sören, who has some relevant thoughts to share.

Onboarding and off-boarding form the cornerstones of any successful collaboration between freelancer and client. Onboarding includes professional and cultural integration in teams, open communication, and quick learning. To find out more about best practices for on- and off-boarding and what experiences we have had, head over to this article.

Just contact us with your CV or LinkedIn Profile, and we will contact you. In a second step, you tell us about your latest projects, and then you can start working with ElevateX on interesting projects.

More information in our ElevateX Community-Guide.

We have put together a detailed blog article on this topic for you.

  • Software and App Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Data Scientists
  • Security Experts
  • Virtual-Reality Designers

As soon as an exciting project is available, that matches your skills, we will contact you.

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