Refer a freelancer and earn 250€

Support our community to grow together find projects develop further

We are excited and honoured to have you in our freelance community!
Together, we want to keep growing our collective of driven, ambitious IT experts like yourself. Have your colleagues join us! Learn why.

Your friends can be part of our mission to help companies grow their IT businesses while working on challenging projects with like-minded experts who create impact.

For each successful1 freelancer referral you can earn 250€.

Refer a freelancer and earn 250€

How the freelancer referral works

At ElevateX, we are always looking for great talent – especially for freelance Software Developers, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, or UI/ UX Designers from your personal network.

Learn more about how you can find interesting projects or why freelancer referrals should matter to you.

Step 1: Invite your friends

Do you have Rockstar IT experts among your acquaintances? Introduce them to us – either by filling out the form below – or get in touch via email or phone.

Step 2: Our skill assessment

We will contact your friend to get to know him or her personally. Subsequently, your referral goes through a quick skill assessment, which involves a CV and references check as well as a coding test.

Step 3: Project delivery and you earn 250€

As soon as your friend is part of our community, we will take care of the onboarding and project matching process. Once a freelancer suggested by you completes her first project successfully1, we will immediately transfer 250€ to you.

¹) A successful project is defined as a project that lasts at least one month (8h/day) and the first monthly invoice has been paid by the respective client.

By the way: There is no limit to how many freelancers you can refer to us – hence frequent referrals will keep earning you cash.

How do I find great tech experts?

Introduce all of them to our ElevateX freelance community so they have the chance to join us too.

Refer a freelancer and earn 250€

Why should I refer freelancers?

We at ElevateX pursue progress, we seek impact, and we challenge the status-quo to push the boundaries of our IT-industry together. Providing outstanding value and expertise to our clients is what fuels us.

Why limit ourselves to what we can achieve individually?
Instead, let’s join our forces, showcase the power of IT-freelancing, and empower ambitious companies to reach their goals.

Grow together. Who has not shared their hobbies with friends ever since we were children? Why shouldn’t we continue this in adulthood and at the same time advance digitalization and be part of a great mission?

Focus on your skills. In IT, it is continuous learning is in order to offer optimal, innovative and custom-fit solutions and to stay on top of the game. While you and your friends focus on developing your skills, we offer you a great community and thrilling projects.

Turn your success into cash. Being successful in your field will result in you knowing many skilled tech experts. If they can identify with our mission, suggest them to join us and earn money effortless.

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Refer a freelancer and earn 250€ ¹

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