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Our resource section is dedicated to providing you with high-quality eBooks, templates, guides, and checklists, to help you make the most from freelancing and working with freelancers.


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Cost Comparison Freelancers & Employees
Cost Comparison Freelancers Employees

Are freelancers really more expensive than employees? Calculate the costs of freelancers and employees and make the comparison!

CV Review - Free Service

Your CV is the showcase of your freelancing career—it’s what recruiters notice first. Our free CV review helps you highlight what’s important. Elevate your freelancing game. 

Cost of Vacancy - Calculator

An unfilled position (vacancy) can cost a company tens of thousands of euros per month. Calculate here how much an unfilled position is costing you.

How to Successfully Work with Freelancers - free eBook

This free eBook is designed for companies that want to incorporate freelancers in their teams. It will give you the skills to start to working with freelancers and make the most from it. 

False Self-Employment - Free Checklist

False self-employment is often a major fear for companies that want to work with freelancers. With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself from false self-employment.

How to Become a Successful Tech Freelancer - free eBook

Our eBook on how to become a successful tech freelancer provides you with the practical knowledge to successfully start your freelancing career in tech and how to get the most from it.

How to Find IT Freelancers with ElevateX - Free Guide

This free guide is for teams looking to understand the hiring process with ElevateX and how it can help with finding the right freelancers.

Web3 Roadmap - Free Download

Web3 is on the rise, and with it comes a whole host of topics and subtopics. In our detailed roadmap you will find technologies, possible applications and much more.

Community Guide - Free Download

At ElevateX, we are always looking for great talent. We set out to create a collective of driven, ambitious individuals always challenging the status quo. 

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