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Tips for Distant Leadership

Distant Leadership: 7 Tips How to Make Remote Leadership Really Work

Since the Corona pandemic, remote leadership is no longer a rare occurrence. But many other factors, such as globalization, have also contributed to make remote work more and more popular. Teams have suddenly transformed into virtual teams that need to be managed successfully. This important and complex task is now in the hands of the leaders. What is Remote Leadership?

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the ElevateX-Advent Calendar

The ElevateX Advent Calendar: Win Prizes Daily!

Christmas season often means a lot of stress for most people. Buy presents in overcrowded cities, get the work done before the year ends, and have enough time left for family and friends. We want to make the time until Christmas more pleasant for you and created the first ElevateX freelance advent calendar.

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What is Design Thinking? A Complete Guide

What Is Design Thinking? – A Complete Guide

Companies and institutions constantly need new ideas and solutions to problems. But it is not easy to create them. However, there are methods to make these tasks easier. When it comes to the well-being of humanity, Design Thinking is recommended. But what is it actually? You can find a detailed explanation of Design Thinking here.  What Is Design Thinking? If you

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The Cost of App Development and Potential Savings

The Cost of App Development and Potential Savings

In our digital and networked world, apps are playing an increasingly important role for companies. From small start-ups to large corporations, there are many different app ideas that can be realized with the right monetary commitment. However, only very few people know how expensive it can be to develop an app. The costs of app development depend on various factors.

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Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design – How to Make Better Dashboards for Data Analysis and Data Science

This article was was originally published here. Dashboards play a fundamental role in many businesses, nowadays. The ability to collect and analyze user data has transformed the way companies understand customer behavior and provide better value propositions. Too often, the way the data is presented fails to communicate information effectively though. Let’s fix that! What Is a Dashboard? — First

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Low Code No Code

Low Code vs No Code: Definition & Difference Explained

Programming often involves a lot of effort and expertise. But Low Code and No Code applications solve this problem. Because these platforms work with little or no coding at all. This can help small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the challenges of digitization. But how exactly do these development approaches work and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Here you

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Free Employees Guide

Free Employees: The Ultimate Guide for Companies

Bringing specialists into the company in a targeted manner, covering order peaks, compensating for absences due to illness: There are many occasions that bring free employees and companies together. We explain the legal differences, the advantages for both sides and possible pitfalls. Free Employees: What Makes Them Tick​ Free Employees who are booked for specific assignments are a valuable resource.

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Freelancer Registration in Germany

Freelancer Registration in Germany: A How-To Guide

You have a dream of working for yourself and potentially even being fully independent of where you are, but you have no idea how to go about making that dream a reality. That’s Freelancing. But what about the stages involved in registering your freelancing work and your business? Here’s everything you need to know about freelancer registration in Germany.  What

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Zuschüsse für Selbstständige

Grants for the Self-Employed: Financial Support for Founders at a Glance

There are various government financing options for freelancers or start-ups. However, grants for the self-employed are sometimes linked to certain criteria or restrictions. In this article, you will learn more about the different grants and which ones are best suited for you. Becoming Self-Employed The journey to freelancing can take various forms. While some independent contractors work on their businesses

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