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Empfehle uns ein Freelance Projekt und verdiene 2.000€ | ElevateX

We will do all the work and you can earn 2000€ for each successful project referral¹ while helping clients to grow their business and IT-teams without extra effort.

Refer a project and earn 2000€

How the project referral works

Let’s find exciting projects for our community, help clients scaling their IT-teams and businesses, and grow together!
Learn more about how you can find interesting projects or why project referrals should matter to you.

Step 1: Connect us to the project

Before turning down interesting projects, let us know so we can exchange information about your project. For us it’s essential to know who to get in touch with, which needs your contact has, and which role needs to be filled. Introduce us to the prospective client – either by filling out the form below – or get in touch via email or phone.

Step 2: Evaluation of your project

We will get in touch with the client counterpart as fast as possible. It’s in the DNA of ElevateX to deliver the highest quality for clients as well as interesting projects for our freelance community. This is why we want to understand the IT project in detail to ensure a great fit between client project and freelancer.

Step 3: The community delivers and you earn 2000€

We will take care of everything else. Once the project you introduced us to is successfully delivered¹, we will immediately transfer your reward of 2000€ to you.

¹) A successfully delivered project is defined as a project that has been staffed by ElevateX with a freelance expert and has been either paid in full by the respective client or the client’s second invoice payment (monthly billing) is received by ElevateX – whichever is first.

How do I find interesting projects?

Refer a project and earn 2000€

Why should I refer a project?

We at ElevateX pursue progress, we seek impact, and we challenge the status-quo to push the boundaries of our IT-industry together. Providing outstanding value and expertise to our clients is what fuels us.

Why limit ourselves to what we can achieve individually?
Instead, let’s join our forces, showcase the power of IT-freelancing, and empower ambitious companies to reach their goals.

We are all in this together. Join and benefit from exciting, challenging projects utilizing top-notch technologies introduced to you through the ElevateX freelance community.

Why not return the favor and have more experts join your project if the opportunity arises?

Not only does it feel great to give back, but you might learn new skills, gain insights and will have a sparring partner by your side.

IT recruiting has become very competitive. Finding the perfect candidate can be time-consuming and costly. The lack of skilled IT personal can have a severe impact on a client’s success and growth.

If you had a great experience with ElevateX, why not save your clients the pain?

We will make sure to only present skilled and vetted freelancers for the position to be filled – the client can focus on her core business with ease of mind.

Being an expert in your field will result in regularly more project inquiries than you can fulfil yourself.

Turn your success into cash by referring the project to the ElevateX community instead of turning it down.

Refer a project and earn 2000€ ¹

Many thanks for introducing us to a prospective client!
Please submit the form below or get in touch via email or phone. We will follow within 24h.