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Client Acquisition for Freelancers

7 Tips for Better Client Acquisition for Freelancers

Client acquisition is an important topic for many freelancers and necessary for professional success in freelancing. What exactly client acquisition means, where the difference between cold and warm acquisition is and what are the best tips for better client acquisition for freelancers, you can read in this article.

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Becoming a Freelancer

A 7-Step Guide for Becoming a Freelancer

In the last stories we told a lot about the life as a freelancer. We gave information on the impostor syndrome, how to best prepare for technical interviews and showed you the top trends for 2022.
But we never explained how to become a freelancer.
In this guide we show you steps on how to get started and give an overview on the life as a freelancer.

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Impostor Syndrome

7 Tips to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

People who are affected by impostor syndrome believe that they are impostors themselves. They think that they do not deserve their success and suffer from self-doubt.
In this article, we clarify what impostor syndrome exactly is, what its characteristics and causes are , and what tips and tricks exist to overcome it.

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How to prepare for a technical interview as a Freelancer

How to Best Prepare for a Technical Interview as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, there are many things to consider when it comes to a technical interview. How can I best prepare myself? What are things the client wants to know? How do I behave?
Read in this article how a technical interview for IT-Freelancer is structured, how do you best prepare for it and what do you need to consider during the interview?

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LinkedIn als Eintrittskarte - 9 Tipps

9 useful LinkedIn tips for Freelancers

Globally, LinkedIn has long been the number one in career networks. Microsoft’s social network also ranks number one in Germany. A fine-tuned LinkedIn profile helps freelancers immensely in attracting customers and maintaining business relationships. The more meaningful and authentic your profile, the easier you will be found by potential clients. Quickly tips – Optimize your profile in under 20 minutes

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Freiberufler: 5 Tipps für das erfolgreiche Verhandeln deines Stundensatzes

Freelancer: 5 tips to successfully negotiate your hourly rate

After freelancers were able to push through a even higher hourly rate over the years, these generally stagnated since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. While large sections of freelancers are suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, the outlook for IT freelancers can be seen as far more positive. IT workers are benefiting from the boom in

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Future trends in IT-Freelancing and what to prepare for

Future trends in IT-Freelancing and what to prepare for

To keep up in the fast-moving world, one must be up-to-date with the newest working tools and technologies. Both, new working strategies, as well as the latest technologies, influence the work of freelancers increasingly. Due to their flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances, freelancers possess skills that benefit them and set them apart – especially in the

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Scheinselbstständigkeit vermeiden

How to avoid false self-employment

If not taken care of, false self-employment can pose a threat to freelancers and companies that employ them. The freelancer status is revoked, the contractor becomes an employment contract and both parties have to pay social security contributions plus further penalties may follow.  Reason enough to deep-dive into the topic of false self-employment. Accordingly, we share our many years of

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Nebenjob Freiberuflichkeit- Leidenschaft und Beruf unter einen Hut kriegen

Freelancing on the side – combine your full-time job with your passion

Becoming a freelancer might seem difficult- especially when you are afraid of insecurity or even existential anxiety. A perfect alternativity provides freelancing on the side – part-time – while benefiting from the financial security of your full-time job. In our recent blog article, we are interviewing two women who have been freelancing next to their full-time job. Besides client acquisition

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Altersvorsorge für Freelancer – Welche Möglichkeiten habe ich trotz sinkendem Rentenniveau?

Retirement provision for freelancers – my options, financial security, future planning

Pension provision for freelancers is a hot topic of discussion in the past few months. The number of Germans starting their own business is increasing. Especially freelancers have to examine numerous options for preparing themselves for retirement and start making provisions at an early stage. Due to the sustained phase of low-interest rates and the falling pension level, alternative asset

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Erfolg als Freiberufler: Top 20 Podcasts, Videos und Webseiten

Freelance Success: Top 20 Podcasts, Videos, and Websites

In this blog post, you will get exciting insights into the online world around the subject of freelancing and independent work. In the following, we share our TOP picks of podcasts, websites, LinkedIn pages, and videos. With these great resources, you will always stay up-to-date! Click on the headline to go directly to the website. Please find the full article

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