Top 10 Podcasts for Freelancers and IT Professionals

Top 10 Podcasts for Freelancer


Podcasts are in vogue. You can listen to them comfortably and learn a lot from them. Digital audio contributions are now available on almost every topic. Even freelancing is covered in some series. In fact, there is already a large selection that is aimed primarily at freelancers of all ages, companies, and interested parties. 

ElevateX has taken a look around and presents the ten best freelance podcasts in this article. There’s sure to be something suitable for you, too.

At ElevateX, we produce our own podcast on freelancing. “Digitalization needs freelancers” helps to catch up with the enormous backlog of German companies in the field of digitalization.

To do this, companies need, above all, high-quality information that helps them find a beneficial way to deal with freelancers. Wondering why freelancers are so important for digitalization? Actually, they are not only important, but even elemental to the success of the transformation.

The ElevateX podcast, launched in 2023, already offers a diverse selection of exciting episodes. These revolve around issues such as retirement planning, hybrid teams and the impact of artificial intelligence on the world of work. Occasionally, we also conduct interviews with fascinating personalities.


The OMR Podcast describes itself as a “podcast about digital marketing and whatever else is going on.” So the focus is not on freelancing. Nevertheless, the topic is covered in many episodes.

Those who discover the podcast can look forward to several hundred episodes to listen to. In February 2023, the 570th episode was released. The podcast is updated twice a week, as new episodes are published on Wednesdays and Sundays. Among them are numerous interviews.

OMR is a Hamburg media company that is dedicated to online marketing and thus has the ideal background for the format. The speaker is Philipp Westermeyer, who founded OMR.

stack overflow podcast

If you want to know more about programming, the “Stack Overflow Podcast” is the right place to be. Since many programmers are freelancers, we also talk about this topic. The podcast is in English and already looks back on twelve successful years. With so much experience, first-class quality and exciting contributions are a certainty. There is also no lack of humor.

Six different platforms make the episodes available, including Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Spotify. You can also listen on the website of the multinational company Stack Overflow.

New episodes are released at irregular intervals. However, you can expect something new several times a week.

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Want to leave the classic 9-to-5 work principle behind? Then you shouldn’t miss “7-Figure Small”. In this podcast, speaker Brian Clark addresses the question of what it takes to make the change. Previous episodes have focused primarily on freelancers, solo self-employed workers, and those who want to be.

There have only been ten episodes up to the end of February 2023, but they have quality and also allow a few insights into Brian Clark’s personality. Clark is able to shine with his diverse experiences as a sole proprietor and CEO. The information in the podcast is therefore based on his personal insights.

the six figure podcast

The Six Figure Freelancer Audio-Course” is an interview format with business presenter Juan Felipe Campos. The U.S. native is a startup expert and member of Upland, a partnership team of the world’s largest mobile blockchain metaverse.

Campos himself, however, is not the focus of the production. Instead, the focus is on his guests, with whom he conducts information-packed conversations. Only selected top professionals who earn six-figure incomes each year as freelancers, such as:

  • Ryan Robinson (

  • Preston Lee (

  • Caitlin Pearce (Freelancers Union)

  • Jeremy Noronha (Foundr)

In the Freelance Podcast, they share their own personal recipe for success and reveal how they achieved this life. The twelve episodes, all released in January 2019, keep the series relatively straightforward.

web and design podcast

As the name already suggests, the “Web & Design Podcast” is all about web design. Since many web designers work as freelancers, it is also a typical freelance podcast. In addition, among other things, dealing with customers and the success of work processes are discussed. Accordingly, a rich potpourri of interwoven content entices listeners to tune in. Jonas Arleth is the speaker of the series. The Hamburg native is himself a freelance web designer.

Those who like the format have the opportunity to catch up on the more than 100 previous contributions. Some of these episodes were produced out of order. However, the special episodes are only available for a small amount via the social payment service provider Patreon.

der freelancer podcast

In the “Freelancer Podcast”, as the name suggests, freelancers are the main topic. Anyone who works freelance themselves or would like to start doing so can get valuable tips and tricks in the diverse episodes. These revolve, for example, around how clients and freelancers can work together in the best possible way. In the guides, you’ll also learn how to determine your rate or how to better survive a lean period.

Numerous interviews with freelancers round off the format. Many German freelancers are interviewed, as the podcast is produced in Germany and published in German. However, there are also conversations with freelancers from other countries, which reveal amazing experiences.

das erste viertel podcast

Another German freelance podcast is “Das erste Viertel”. It’s about the first steps you should take to leave the classic job behind and build a foothold as a freelancer. Besides being a freelancer, you’ll learn more about three main topics:

  • Photography

  • Filmmaking

  • Self-realization

Some of the biggest challenges are covered, including how to handle social media. Another highlight: In the “Beginner Guide,” a separate series within the podcast, you’ll get the basics for getting started as a freelance videographer in three episodes lasting about an hour.

“Das erste Viertel” is a personal and casual podcast. In total, the series is already complete with 47 episodes created between October 2019 and May 2021.

the freelancers show podcast

Web developers and programmers working on a freelance basis will be professionally guided in the “Freelancer’s Show”. With the help of varied discussions and interviews, you will be supported in discovering and developing your individual skills.

Top End Devs, based in the USA, is responsible for the series. It is a web developer community that wants to help other developers to become the best in their industry. If that’s your aspiration too, you should listen to the now completed podcast.

being boss podcast

In “Being Boss”, speaker Emily Thompson reveals how you can become your own boss. With practical tips on topics such as mindset or lifestyle, you will work specifically on your individual career. The tactics taught will help you move forward effectively.

Launched in January 2015, the podcast is currently still actively running, with over 300 informative episodes already available. These are in English and can be listened to on Spotify or Deezer, among others.

Find an Exciting Freelance Podcast and Grow With It!

The ten podcasts presented deal more or less concretely with the topic of freelancing. Each production has a unique character. For example, “7-Figure Small with Brian Clark” or “The First Quarter” are very personal, while the “Freelancer Podcast” and “The Freelancers’ Show” are more factual and professional in nature. Regardless of which format you choose, you can learn a lot from each episode. Take a listen for yourself!

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