9 useful LinkedIn tips for Freelancers

LinkedIn als Eintrittskarte - 9 Tipps


Globally, LinkedIn has long been the number one in career networks. Microsoft’s social network also ranks number one in Germany.

A fine-tuned LinkedIn profile helps freelancers immensely in attracting customers and maintaining business relationships. The more meaningful and authentic your profile, the easier you will be found by potential clients.

Quickly tips - Optimize your profile in under 20 minutes

In ordere to benefit the most from the network, authenticity is key. Show yourself the way you really are!

  • Add a profile picture

  • Update your profile slogan and be very specific:
    use the word “Freelance(r)”, state your skills and interest, and, optionally, your location preference. E.g “Freelance Android Developer | Berlin based but willing to travel once a month”.

  • Make your contact info public.
    If you are not regularly on LinkedIn, make your contact info (e.g. website URL or email) public – at least for your connections. This will give them a chance to reach you off of LinkedIn and propose new challenges to you.

  • Update your skills
    Don’t make it a complete list of things you have done over the past 20 years, but rather name what you’re actually interested AND experienced in.

  • Update your current position:
    Be explicit – state that you are freelancing

4 advanced tips for your outstanding LinkedIn profile

The tips we mentioned so far raise your profile to a new level with very little effort. The following actions are a little more time-consuming, but very worthwhile. If you apply them, you will stand out from the crowd.

  • Ask for Recommendations and Endorsements
    Ask former clients / co-works for a recommendation on LinkedIn. You can “Ask for a recommendation[s]” on the “Recommendation” section itself.
    Lead by example: provide honest recommendations to a few colleagues you value.

  • Upload your CV to the featured section of your profile. You can also feature blog posts you have written or projects you have been working on.
  • Grow your network
    Connect with your (former) co-workers, customers, and other freelancers on LinkedIn and build up a large network of contacts in the long term.
  • Be active, share insights
    Regular posts and other activities – such as  comments and likes – can also boost your profile’s visibility. It will appear in the feed of your connections and might lead to project inquiries.

At ElevateX, we want to grow, learn, and develop together with our freelance community. Do you have any questions about your LinkedIn presence, or are you looking for exciting projects? Get in touch with us!

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