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How Elevatex Freelancers at TENADO Gmbh Master Two Tech Challenges

TENADO is the medium-sized developer of highly professional and effortless CAD software solutions.

It is a medium-sized company strongly rooted in the Ruhr area with more than 80 employees and over 30 years of history.

Its mission is to make its customers – many medium-sized companies from the trades, traffic planning and security industries – work easier, faster, more intuitive and more efficient with TENADO software.


Standard-compliant, efficient work - with unprecedented speed

The Challenges

Test Automation for the 2D and 3D Product Lines

In the development of its 2D and 3D product lines for CAD processing, TENADO follows a very user-centric approach. Therefore, the entire development process was set up following agile methodologies. In order to push the boundaries further and to relieve the developers of manual testing tasks and constantly improve the quality of the software provided, the complete testing is to be automated as far as possible.

TYPO3 - Website Redesign and Online Store Integration

A key to success in the area of digitalized is any company’s web presence – combined with a performant online shop system. Therefore, TENADO decided to redesign its complete web presence and to modernize the website design. In addition, a modern online shop solution is to be selected and integrated to offer customers and prospects the smoothest possible online purchasing process.

The Right Solutions: A Successful Transformation With ElevateX

ElevateX has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner for Tenado. With in-depth expertise and an agile approach, we were able to deliver customized solutions for Tenado. In two main projects – test automation and website redesign – our freelance specialists effectively applied their know-how and expertise to optimize and modernize Tenado’s technical processes. The goal has always been not only to deliver short-term solutions, but also to provide Tenado with the skills and knowledge to maintain and develop these systems independently.

Test Automation

The freelance test specialist of ElevateX was involved in the project from the very first days. Therefore, he could provide important input for the start of the “greenfield  project”.

The inital task for ElevateX and the assigned freelancer consists  of an analysis of the current development process for the 2D and 3D product line. Based on this, a selection of test automation tools and frameworks, mainly from Ranorex, will be made and the environment for test automation will be set up and developed.

The third milestone concerns the actual implementation of the automation.

In the course of the collaboration, our freelance expert not only brings his deep know-how into the project, but enables TENADO to keep  and acquire this know-how within the company.

The in-depth expertise of the ElevateX specialist enabled TENADO to pick the right online shop system and embed it into their TYPO3 website.

Website Redesign

Within a few days, ElevateX provided the internal marketing team of TENADO with a very experienced TYPO3 developer for their  website redesign project. This freelancer not only has the necessary experience in website development and design – he also manages to quickly develop an excellent way of working with all internal stakeholders on a personal level.

On this basis, the team makes very fast progress in revising the website. Not only is it updated to the latest TYPO3 version, but it is also equipped with modern and interactive design elements based on TENADO’s software solutions.

Hear from TENADO

Why it makes a difference

Test Automation

The planning and implementation of a test automation system at TENADO by one of our freelancers reduces the effort for manual testing by the in-house software developers. This makes their day-to-day work much easier and frees them up for more creative development work.

More importantly, the project enables TENADO to provide its users with the best possible software in consistently high quality in an automated way!

Website Redesign

The website redesign raises the online presence of TENADO to a new level. The look-and-feel is modernized and the user experience is increased – all in all a big improvement in the external presentation of TENADO. In addition, the integration of the online shop opens up another sales channel to generate new revenue.

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