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If you are a company looking to expand your knowledge on how to start working with IT freelancers or how to improve your work with freelancers you are already working with, the ElevateX Blog: Working with Freelancers is for you!
Here we share our insights and experience on how to work with IT freelancers and give you actionable tips.

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Internal and External Recruiting

Recruiting: Internal And External Methods In Comparison

The shortage of skilled workers and labor has made recruiting a critical process for success for all companies. Both internal and external recruitment serve as instruments for filling the company’s own vacancies. However, there are specific advantages and disadvantages to be considered for both options. These ensure that not all tools of both external and

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Freelancer platforms

Top 5 Freelance Platforms for 2023 

Technological progress requires professionals who are familiar with digital structures and are already working on standards for tomorrow. For example, working with specific software that is constantly being developed requires up-to-date expertise. This is where freelancers come in, who focus on a specific job and are always up to date. They are irreplaceable when companies

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Free Employees Guide

Free Employees: The Ultimate Guide for Companies

Bringing specialists into the company in a targeted manner, covering order peaks, compensating for absences due to illness: There are many occasions that bring free employees and companies together. We explain the legal differences, the advantages for both sides and possible pitfalls. Free Employees: What Makes Them Tick​ Free Employees who are booked for specific

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Top Project Management Methods

The Top 5 Project Management Methods Compared

Forward-thinking managers and leaders in today’s project management environment don’t stick to just one methodology; they become knowledgeable about several of them and learn how to combine different approaches to meet the needs of every given project.  In the following, you’ll get to know the most important project management methods and when and how to

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What Does Employer Branding Mean?

An Easy Explainer: What Does Employer Branding Mean?

Even if the shortage of skilled workers is probably not quite as serious as feared not so long ago, IT experts are in high demand and in many cases can choose their employer. Companies are therefore increasingly obliged to make potential employees an attractive offer. This is by no means limited to salary. In this article, you can find out what benefits a modern company should offer employees.

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Was macht ein Payroll Service

What Does a Payroll Service Do?

Payroll Services or Payroll Providers take care of the wage or salary accounting of the employees. They focus on legal aspects and ensure that every employee receives the payroll on time and on a regular basis.
Learn more about payroll-services and why freelancers can help in this story.

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How to do good onboarding

How to Do a Good Onboarding

The Onboarding is an important part of every good working relationship. In this story, we share exclusive tips and our own experiences on how to do a good onboarding. Additionally, we show, how freelancers can help at it.

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What Does A Relocation Service Do

What Does a Relocation Service Do?

In the course of globalization, the number of so-called relocation services or relocation agencies has also grown strongly in Germany. They help companies attract international talent by facilitating the move of future employees to the company’s country.
An alternative that many companies don’t recognize are freelancers. Read more on the topic why and how freelancers can help.

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Onshoring vs Nearshoring vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing, Nearshoring, and Offshoring Explained

The shortage of skilled IT staff is prompting companies to outsource projects. In general, this is referred to as outsourcing. However, depending on who and where the work is given to, there are further subdivisions. Everything about offshoring, nearshoring and the perfect solution for your company.

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Hiring Freelancers Remotely

5 Practical Tips to Hire (Freelancers) Remotely

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the classic job interview has been increasingly replaced by remote solutions due to contact restrictions. According to a study by the German Association of Personnel Managers (BPM) and the job portal StepStone, online interviews had doubled within 8 weeks at the beginning of 2020. In 2022, employee searches via the Internet will play a greater role than ever before. Especially in freelancer recruiting, a lot takes place remotely. We have 5 tips for you for a successful conclusion.

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Rocket shooting into the sky

7 Q&As About Staff Augmentation to Help Your Business Succeed In Digitalization

An increasing number of companies around the world are turning to external staff to increase their work capacity and leverage a larger talent pool. In North America and Asia in particular, the use of Staff Augmentation is widely spread. In Germany, however, this type of staff expansion is still a largely unexploited concept. Staff Augmentation is a concept that is gaining momentum due to the shortage of skilled workers and accelerated digitalization. However, many do not understand how to benefit from it. The following will give a solid introduction to the topic.    

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data science, big data

Data Scientists: New, innovative thinkers

Is it possible to turn the implicit events and action – such as specific marketing efforts – into something measurable? If so, how do you analyze and evaluate the initial situation, the progress, and its results? The magic word is “Data Science” – a term, or rather a job title, that is gaining in importance.

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