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Top JavaScript Frameworks

The Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks in Comparison

Today, a modern website cannot do without JavaScript to display dynamic content on the pages. JavaScript is a scripting language that is widely used among web designers and was created to enable dynamic HTML. The language can not only use procedural and functional programming techniques, but can also be used for object-oriented approaches. While JavaScript

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5 AI Software Tools

5 AI Software Tools For Developers You Should Know About

Artificial intelligence dominates the media. Especially ChatGPT is represented in the headlines. That’s understandable because, after all, AI is likely to have a lasting impact on the world. While some people are afraid of it, others are more optimistic about technological progress. Neither panic nor too much relaxedness makes sense: Those who can, use the

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The Cost of App Development and Potential Savings

The Cost of App Development and Potential Savings

In our digital and networked world, apps are playing an increasingly important role for companies. From small start-ups to large corporations, there are many different app ideas that can be realized with the right monetary commitment. However, only very few people know how expensive it can be to develop an app. The costs of app

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Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design: 7 Tips to Make Better Dashboards

This article was was originally published here. Dashboards play a fundamental role in many businesses, nowadays. The ability to collect and analyze user data has transformed the way companies understand customer behavior and provide better value propositions. Too often, the way the data is presented fails to communicate information effectively though. Let’s fix that! What

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Low Code No Code

Low Code vs No Code: Definition & Difference Explained

Programming often involves a lot of effort and expertise. But Low Code and No Code applications solve this problem. Because these platforms work with little or no coding at all. This can help small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the challenges of digitization. But how exactly do these development approaches work and what are the

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Blogpost Feature Image_Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product – We Explain the MVP Benefits

The concept of MVP is suitable for all companies that want to develop further. IT startups and SMEs benefit from the low costs while existing companies invest in their long-term future through a Minimum Viable Product. The strategy can be applied to all industries and is also worthwhile for founders. Minimum Viable Product: What’s Behind

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How to write user stories in scrum

User Stories in Scrum – What Is a User Story?

The end-user must always come first in an agile process. Organizations employ user stories to aid in that. For example. Scrum Product Backlog entries are frequently written in the form of User Stories. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about the Scrum User Stories.

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Web- und App-Sicherheit für FinTechs

Web and app security for FinTechs

As studies show, startups in the financial sector, as well as traditional banks, have homework to do in regard to IT security of their websites and apps. Due to ever-increasing cybersecurity threats, companies in the financial sector are faced with the major task of ensuring the functionality of their own systems as well as the

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Sicherheit von FinTechs

5 reasons why compliance is essential for FinTechs

Companies in the financial technology sector, commonly known as FinTech, are often seen as bold innovators willing to go where traditional banks fear to tread. Major problems, however, are regulatory non-compliance. Many FinTechs, at least initially, do not see themselves as financial services providers. As FinTechs grow and mature, they need to take a serious

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Cybersicherheit im Finanzsektor

The Importance of Cybersecurity in FinTech and Banking

IT and cybersecurity are gaining in importance for many industries, especially in banking and the FinTech sector. Therefore, the requirements to protect customer and company data are steadily increasing – as is the risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack. Effective security management to protect the IT infrastructure and important data is therefore essential. Comprehensive

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Was ist DevOps?

What is DevOps? Why does it boost software development?

The goal of DevOps is to continuously deliver high-quality software products to customers. This includes responding rapidly to new customer requirements and adapting to new situations. DevOps goals must always be considered and evaluated in relation to the organization’s and the customers’ business goals. DevOps teams are aligned with these very goals and ideally achieve

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KI-Glossar: Reichen Sie der künstlichen Intelligenz die Hand

Artificial intelligence glossary: AI terms you should know

More and more managers – even those with non-technological backgrounds – are exposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) due to automation and digitization. As a result, terms relating to the topic of AI are often used inflationary or incorrectly. In the following glossary, you will find important terms on the topic of artificial intelligence. For the

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Cybersicherheit: Systemsicherheit überprüfen via Penetrationstest

Cybersecurity: Ensure IT security via penetration testing

IT-system security is gaining in importance due to advancing digitalization and the associated issue of cybersecurity. A crucial strategy to checking one’s own systems for vulnerabilities is penetration testing, the technical term for carrying out a comprehensive security test of individual computers or networks. Cybersecurity has reached the boardroom and has become a hot topic

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Versicherungen für Selbstständige

Insurance For Self-Employed – What to Know as a Freelancer

There are the same insurances for self-employed as for employees. The difference, however, is the responsibility you bear for your insurance coverage as a self-employed person. Self-employed people have to insure themselves against risks during their work, as you do not have an employer to cover the financial consequences of any damage. Therefore, ensuring that

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Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement – What Freelancers Have to Know

In many freelance projects in the IT environment and other areas, the contracting parties exchange information that is confidential. This can be about the projects themselves, but also about technical and content issues. The freelancer is not bound by the confidentiality regulations in the fulfillment of his assignment, which arise from the employment contract in

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