The 9 Most Important Programming Languages for 2024

Programmiersprachen Ranking


To ensure you’re not solely reliant on ChatGPT for programming, today we introduce the nine most important computer languages for 2024. With these languages, you can create computational instructions, for example, for a computer. The resulting structures and algorithms enable the computer to perform the desired computing tasks. Programming languages are used not only on PCs but also in game development, website creation, and apps, where developers require these applications. 

The Ranking

The programming language ranking from the PopularitY of Programming Language Index of 2023 provides an overview of which computer languages continue to be relevant: The following article discusses the nine most important and popular programming languages. You will gain an overview of where the use of these languages is appropriate, along with exciting backgrounds on nine important computer languages from the ranking. 


  • Programming languages are essential in many areas such as PC applications, game development, and website and app creation.

  • The PYPL Index of 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the ongoing relevance and popularity of various programming languages.

  • The selected nine languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, are of particular importance due to their specific characteristics and application areas.

1. Python

According to the PYPL Index (as of December 2023), the programming language Python has a market share of 28.09%. It also ranks highly in the RedMonk ranking. Its popularity is likely due to its straightforward application. It has been a common learning language at universities and in training programs since the 1990s.   

Python is used in many industries, including 

  • Software development 
  • Finance 
  • Web development 
  • Data science 
  • Game development 

Its syntax is simple, making learning, programming itself, and debugging easier. Unlike other languages, Python uses indentation instead of brackets and semicolons, making it more readable and easier for beginners to start with this computer language. For newcomers, no extensive technical knowledge is required to learn this open-source application. However, Python requires high memory usage and is therefore not suitable for all applications. 

2. Java

The well-known programming language Java ranks second in the ranking, with a market share of 15.81% according to the PYPL Index survey of 2023. This computer language is platform-independent code that first appeared in May 1995. The code is implemented via a virtual machine. The open-source language is known for its security. It is used in applications involving large amounts of data. 

Java is used in 

  • Apps and games, as well as 
  • Enterprise applications 

Companies like Google, Spotify, or Pinterest use Java. 

An advantage of Java is that programmers can rely on existing solutions, which only need to be adapted to their application. This is due to the extensive standard library that has grown over the years. Due to its complex structures and not-so-simple syntax, a longer engagement with the programming language is necessary. However, Java remains very popular, also because of its secure and powerful features. 

3. JavaScript

According to the PYPL Index, with a share of 8.93%, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide (as of December 2023). The scripting language is particularly suitable for web applications and frontend development. It first appeared in March 1996.   

About 98% of websites currently use the platform-independent, object-oriented language. It is also used in many apps, including   

  • Skype, 
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 

JavaScript is characterized by its versatility: it is suitable for both small websites and larger applications. The programming language can be executed directly in the browser, independent of the platform. Furthermore, JavaScript is known for frameworks that enable quick processing, as well as its widespread acceptance. However, its scalability is rather limited, for example, in terms of changing resources. 

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4. C und C++

According to the PYPL Index, the programming languages C/C++ together have a market share of 6.8% (as of December 2023), ranking them jointly in 4th place. C and C++ are two different computer languages that share some syntax, making them easy for newcomers to learn. However, manual memory management can be a challenge for beginners. The development of C took place in the 1970s, followed by the object-based C++ in the later years of the decade, as an extension of C. 

The programming language C remains a standard for operating systems, embedded systems, or drivers. C++ is used for 

  • Game development 
  • Graphics programming 
  • High-performance applications 

An advantage of C and C++ is that they can be executed without a virtual machine. Resource-intensive applications also benefit from strong scalability (very high performance). However, these are also more complex programming languages, and poor codes can lead to security vulnerabilities. Mistakes in manual memory management can also create vulnerabilities.

5. C# (C-Sharp)

This object-based computer language ranks 5th in the ranking, with a market share of 6.64% in December 2023. The development of C# took place in 2001.   

The programming language is suitable for   

  • Game development 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Complex applications 

It is particularly designed for Microsoft applications, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Another advantage of this language: its simple syntax makes it easy to learn. There is also a wide variety of libraries available for developers to use.

6. PHP

The platform-independent PHP ranks sixth in the programming language ranking with a market share of 4.53%. The scripting language developed in the 1990s. 

PHP is used for 

  • Dynamic websites and 
  • Web-based databases. 

Examples include 

  • E-commerce platforms and 
  • CMS systems like WordPress 

A plus point of PHP is its simple syntax, which means no special programming knowledge is necessary. In addition, the open-source application is freely available. However, the programming language is only applicable for websites and web applications. 

7. R

R ranks seventh in the PYPL Index survey with 4.53%. 

It is used, among other things, for statistical calculations. 

The language allows for the rapid processing of large data sets, making it interesting for data scientists. 

8. TypeScript

The dynamic scripting language TypeScript ranks eighth in the programming languages ranking with 2.81%. It was released in 2012. 

The language developed by Microsoft is a supplement to JavaScript. It helps developers detect errors early on. 

9. Swift

Swift ranks ninth in the PYPL Index programming languages ranking with a market share of 2.8%. The computer language developed by Apple was released in 2014. The syntax is not complex, making it easy for beginners to learn. Since 2020, the Apple programming language has also been available for Windows products. 

The selection of libraries is still limited, as the language has only been on the market for a few years. However, an advantage of Swift is that this computer language is distinguished by a variety of security mechanisms. 


There are various computer languages on the market with different market shares. Last year’s rankings provide a clear outlook on which languages could play a crucial role in 2024: The most important programming languages likely continue to include Python, Java, and JavaScript, as well as C#. 

Those looking to learn a new computer language in 2024 are well-advised to start with the most popular languages, which include Python, Java, and JavaScript. 

This depends on prior experience and the intended application. For example, the scripting language JavaScript is the undisputed number one when it comes to developing a website. 

Python, used at universities and in training programs, is the easiest to learn of all nine languages. This is also due to the simple syntax of the language.

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