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We assist you during the entire hiring process and offer tailor-made solutions for your projects so you can make the most from your Backend and engineering projects.

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How does Hiring a Backend Developer with ElevateX work?

Free Needs Assessment

In an initial, free needs assessment, we will find out together what skills your perfect candidate brings to the table.

A Solution that Fits Your Needs

We will find a tailor-made match for you that fits your needs. In a personal call with pre-selected experts, you determine your best candidate.

Personalized Support

ElevateX assists you during the whole project to maximize the outcome of the collaboration and guarantee long-term success. Now, you can focus on building your product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ElevateX help me find my perfect backend developer?

ElevateX assists you during your entire project. By matching your requirements closely with the freelancer’s skill set, collaboration runs smoothly. Whether you develop a website, a mobile app, a web app, or are still planing your product, you’ll receive the right support from our community of qualified freelance backend developers.

What skills does a backend developer need to have?

At ElevateX we focus our attention on providing the right support for your needs. Depending on your requirements this might be a back-end developer with knowledge in web apps, website development, databases, server-side programming, or software engineering. Above all, our experienced backend developers bring a strong knowledge of business drivers and expected outcomes to the table. We also guarantee a strong technical ability on the freelancer’s side. So, no matter your tech stack, we’ll find a suitable solution for your needs.

What do I need to know before I hire a backend developer?

Apart from the technical skills required, which are ensured and vetted through us, there should be a good interpersonal fit with your team. Most importantly, there must be a close match between your personal and technical requirements and the freelancer’s skill set and attitude. Through our strict selection process, we’ll present a set of hand-selected experts.

We’re ​Here to Support You

Whether you have a question, are unsure about an issue, or require a personalized needs assessment, we’re here to get you started to hire a back-end developer. 
In an initial call with no commitment whatsoever, you will receive assistance for finding the right solution to your problem – completely free of charge.

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