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Backend developers are specialists in creating server-side applications and integrating databases. They are responsible for ensuring that the data collected by the application’s user interface can be properly stored and processed. In addition, they work closely with frontend developers to ensure that the application runs smoothly.

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What Is Backend Development?

Backend development refers to the programming and maintenance of the servers, databases, and applications that keep a website or app running. It is the brain that holds everything together and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Backend development encompasses a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Some of the most common ones are PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Java. These languages are used to write applications that run on servers and establish the connection between the frontend and the database.

Without backend development, a website or app wouldn’t function. There would be no way to store or retrieve user data, no way to send or receive emails, no way to process payments or manage orders. In short, there would be no way to create an interactive website or app.

How Much Does A Backend Developer Earn?

The salary of backend developers varies widely depending on experience, skills, and location. In the US, backend developers earn an average of between $85,000 and $130,000 per year. In Europe, on the other hand, the average salary is between €45,000 and €70,000 per year.

To be successful as a backend developer and earn a higher salary, certain skills are advantageous. These include knowledge of database programming, working with APIs, and scaling applications. Additionally, experience working with different programming languages, such as Python, Java, or PHP, is advantageous.

Another factor that can influence the salary of backend developers is the location of the workplace. In expensive cities like San Francisco or New York, backend developers often earn more than in smaller cities or rural areas. This is because the cost of living is higher in expensive cities and companies in these areas are often willing to pay higher salaries to attract and retain talent.

What Does A Backend Developer Do?

Backend developers are specialists in creating server-side applications and integrating databases. They are responsible for ensuring that the data collected by the application’s user interface can be properly stored and processed. In addition, they work closely with frontend developers to ensure that the application runs smoothly.

A backend developer has a deep understanding of programming languages such as Java, Python, or Ruby, and database management systems such as MySQL or Oracle. They use these technologies to implement the logic and functionality of an application. They also ensure that the application is secure and scalable.

Backend developers work closely with other members of the development team to ensure that the application meets the client’s requirements. They are responsible for creating APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to exchange data between different parts of the application and communicate with other services.

A backend developer must also be able to solve and debug complex problems when they arise. They must be able to quickly identify the cause of a problem and find a solution to get the application back up and running quickly.

Hard Skills

The hard skills of a backend developer include programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and C#, which are essential for creating server-side applications. They should also have in-depth knowledge of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB and be able to create APIs and web services. A good backend developer should also have experience working with cloud-based platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Soft Skills

In addition to hard skills, a backend developer also needs certain soft skills to be successful in their role. A backend developer should have a strong understanding of how servers and databases work and be able to solve complex technical problems. They should also be a team player and able to collaborate effectively with other developers, designers, and project managers.

Other important soft skills for a backend developer include strong communication skills and a high level of self-organization. A backend developer should also be able to work in an agile environment and be able to quickly adapt to changes in the project environment.

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Frontend Developer vs. Backend Developer

Frontend developers and backend developers are two central roles in web development that must work closely together to create a successful website. A frontend developer is responsible for developing and implementing the visual design and functionality of the user interface, while a backend developer creates the logical structure and programming of the website that is hidden behind the user interface.

In today’s digital world, collaboration between frontend and backend developers is crucial to creating an effective and appealing website. Close collaboration between both roles enables the creation of a fast, user-friendly, and responsive website that is optimized for both users and search engines. A frontend developer and a backend developer are equally important to creating a successful website and establishing an effective online presence.

How To Become A Backend Developer

If you are interested in becoming a backend developer, there are many steps you can take to improve your skills and knowledge and be successful in this field. The first step to becoming a backend developer is to improve your programming and web development skills. You can use online courses, tutorials, and books to deepen your knowledge in areas such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP. You should also learn how to use databases, APIs, and frameworks like Node.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails.

Once you have a basic understanding of web development and backend technologies, you can focus on developing your practical skills. An important step to do this is to start your own projects and apply your skills in practice. For example, you can create your own web application or web service to demonstrate and improve your skills. You can also participate in open-source projects to learn from other developers and expand your experience.

Why Are Backend Developers In High Demand?

Modern society is practically always online nowadays. Smartphones and the increasingly widespread availability of high-speed internet have led to more and more applications moving to the cloud. Video conferencing via Zoom, Skype, and Web-Ex, collaboration via Microsoft Teams and Slack, project management with Trello and Jira, and presentations via Google Workplace: Office programs and other digital tools are no longer installed on local computers or servers, but are used by users as web applications.

The Corona crisis has accelerated this trend even further. More and more employees now work from home, and home office has established itself as a new form of collaboration. The Internet has thus practically become the new office. However, to make this new type of collaboration work, powerful applications are needed – and these are developed by backend and frontend developers. Backend developers play a particularly important role as they create the architecture and infrastructure of the applications required for their smooth operation. Without powerful backend developers, many of these digital tools and applications would not function properly, and the new type of collaboration that emerged during the pandemic would not be possible. Therefore, backend developers are in high demand in today’s job market.

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