Discord for IT Freelancers

Do you want to work with other IT freelancers? Would you like to make new connections? How about the latest project offers? You can find all that and more on our brand new Discord. We are not just a community of individuals, we create a space for personal development and exchange.

Your Advantages

Learn and Share With Others

On our Discord you will find various freelancers from different areas of IT. Work together in the co-working space, exchange ideas with other freelancers in the live chat, and find all the important news from the IT and freelance industry.

Network in the Co-Working-Space

In our virtual co-working space, you can exchange ideas and collaborate with other freelancers in peace and quiet. Work with existing contacts, meet new colleagues, exchange ideas or talk about the latest trends. Everything is location-independent..

Find New Projects Even Easier

The easiest and fastest way to get informed about open freelance projects. We regularly post open jobs and projects on Discord. No spam! You decide through your selected roles what you want to be informed about and what is not of interest.

Participate in Events and Raffles

Regular events, lectures, and competitions make our Discord unique. By participating and exchanging with other freelancers on our Discord, you not only gain experience, but also have the opportunity to receive benefits.

A Community That Grows Together.

What Are the Features of the Discord?

ElevateX Discord

How the Server for IT-Freelancers Works

You can join Discord for free by creating a user account. The other participants on the server can only see your username, your mail address and contact details remain secret.

After signing up, you can join Discord. Just follow the onboarding process as described. Accept our terms of use and rules of conduct on the server. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the #help channel or contact a community manager directly.
Afterwards, you can introduce yourself in the #introduction channel, so we can get to know you.

Discord offers different ways of communication. For an overview, we have created different sections.

  • In the “Welcome” section you can find all important information and introduce yourself.
  • Under “Info & Co” you will find news, updated and various information about freelancing and ElevateX
  • In the “Community” you can exchange ideas with other freelancers and participate in the chat.
  • In addition, there is the virtual co-working space, where you can listen to presentations or exchange with other freelancers in the voice chat.

In the channel #roles, you can choose your preferred roles. Just click on the corresponding icon, and you will be automatically assigned a role. The selection of the role activates the corresponding channel. This way you will receive only the messages that concern you and no notifications that are not interesting for you. In addition, you can decide in the #roles channel which content you want to be notified about.


Currently, two level systems are available: the Community Level and the Freelance Level.
In the community level, you automatically advance by actively contributing to conversations, supporting colleagues, and never backing down from a conversation.
In the Freelance level, there are different levels that can be reached through specified activities.
You can find a detailed list with all levels and advantages on our Discord in the #level-faq channel.

By completing challenges, you can move up in rank and unlock more benefits within the ElevateX community. You can also earn extra money by referring a project or recommending a colleague to our community. More information on how you can support us can be found here.


What is Discord?

Discord is an online service for instant messaging, chat, voice conferencing and video conferencing that was originally created for computer gamers, but is now increasingly used for other areas.

Why should I join the Discord?

We want to be different and not a community like any other. Learning from others, giving and getting feedback and sharing experiences are crucial for every freelancer. Additionally, you have the possibility to be informed about new jobs and projects, to participate in competitions and to read and comment the latest posts and articles about freelancing and IT.

How can I join the Discord Server?

Joining the Discord server is easy and free for everyone. Follow the button, create an account and join the server. Then simply follow the onboarding process and exchange ideas with other freelancers.

Is Discord safe?

We will always keep your information safe and will never share it. Additionally, we are not able to see your contact details on Discord, but only your username. Head over to our privacy policy to find more information. 

Can't find your question?

If you have a question, feel free to email us or write to a team member directly on Discord.