Join Our Brand-New Freelancing Server on Discord!

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You want to collaborate with other freelancers and make new contacts? You want to be informed about new projects? You can find all this on our brand-new server on Discord. 

Attention: Additionally, you have the chance to participate in our raffle on Discord until August 15th and win a pair of AirPods. You can find more information here or on Discord in the #win-airpods channel. 

Discord is an online service for instant messaging, chat, voice conferencing and video conferencing that was originally created for computer gamers, but is now increasingly used in other areas. 

Join the X-Family!

Why Should I Join on Discord?

Through Discord, we create a space for exchange and bring the X-Family closer together.  
On Discord you have the opportunity to network with other freelancers, get informed about open projects, collaborate in the virtual co-working space, and participate in raffles and events. 

Additionally, we are constantly working on integrating new features to create a unique community of IT professionals and freelancers. 

What Are the Features?

Discord offers many different ways to facilitate the exchange as a community. 

  • Easy exchange with other freelancers or the ElevateX team. 
  • Collaborate in a virtual co-working space 
  • Notifications about jobs and projects 

You can find more about the possibilities and features here. 

You can define what you want to be informed about by role assignment, so you avoid spam and only receive messages that interest you. 

How Does Discord Work?

You can register for free and create a user account. You will then find various channels and sections. These are used for clarity. You have something you want to share? Then simply click on the appropriate channel and post whatever moves you. Memes, questions or feedback. We have a corresponding channel for everything. Additionally, you can join the voice channels to share with others or work on projects. 

How Can I Participate in the Raffle?

It’s simple: join the server by August 15th, 2022 and you’re in. You can even increase your chances of winning by… 

… inviting more friends via your inviting link (one additional entry per invited friend) 

… signing up as a freelancer with a CV at (plus one entry) 

… creating a social media post about our discord with the hashtag  #XFamily (plus one entry) 

… complete the challenges in the #challenges channel (plus one entry per challenge). 


You can find more information about the contest in this post
More details about the terms and conditions can be found here.

The ElevateX team wishes you good luck! 

You want to be part of the X-Family? Just share your LinkedIn profile or CV with us, and we’ll get back to you. 

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