“Wait- I Can Level Up?” Learn More About the Level System on Discord!

Level-System on Discord

Finally, the time has come, and our own Discord is online since July 15th, 2022. Since then, we have met lots of new people – skilled freelancers like yourself – and a lot has happened.  

Our giveaway is in full swing and the X-Family on Discord is growing. 

Among the new features is a level system that gives you different advantages. 

How Does the Level System Work?

Currently, two level systems are available: The Community Level and the Freelance Level. 

In the community level you automatically advance by contributing to conversations, supporting colleagues, and never backing down from a conversation! 

In the freelance level, there are different levels that can be reached through specified activities. 

  • Overview of all general Discord channels, job openings and co. 
  • Community of experienced freelancers for exchange 
  • Apply to open jobs 
  • Access to virtual coworking space 
  • Everything from level 0
  • Invitation to virtual events 
  • Access to services and upcoming cooperations 
  • All advantages from Level 0 and 1 
  • VIP Job-Openings 
  • Invitation to offline events 
  • Proactive, fair product placement 
  • Regular newsletter updates 
  • Certificate of knowledge, issued by ElevateX 

You want to learn more about the Discord? Here you can find more information. 

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