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Data sciences mostly use scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data. By combining different sources of data, new actionable (business) insights can be generated.

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KI-Glossar: Reichen Sie der künstlichen Intelligenz die Hand

Artificial intelligence glossary: AI terms you should know

More and more managers – even those with non-technological backgrounds – are exposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) due to automation and digitization. As a result, terms relating to the topic of AI are often used inflationary or incorrectly. In the following glossary, you will find important terms on the topic of artificial intelligence. For the

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data science, big data

Data Scientists: New, innovative thinkers

Is it possible to turn the implicit events and action – such as specific marketing efforts – into something measurable? If so, how do you analyze and evaluate the initial situation, the progress, and its results? The magic word is “Data Science” – a term, or rather a job title, that is gaining in importance.

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