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Is it possible to turn the implicit events and action – such as specific marketing efforts – into something measurable? If so, how do you analyze and evaluate the initial situation, the progress, and its results? The magic word is “Data Science” – a term, or rather a job title, that is gaining in importance. This is part of the everyday life of a data scientist: Finding suitable solutions to make events and facts measurable that cannot be measured directly.

"Big data becomes smart data!"

Measurability, evaluation, progress: There is much more behind this than just simple words. For companies, it is of great importance to have measurable facts to base decisions on and, therefore, achieve predefined goals. Data science acts as a bridge between vague data sets and the precise understanding, interpretation, and use of this data.

The fundamental question is how to obtain added value – for example, a competitive advantage – by evaluating certain data.

Companies are increasingly deriving benefits from data because digitization is making it easier and easier to use and evaluate customer data and in turn yields important added value. Here, aspects such as customer loyalty, delivery times, customer satisfaction, and much more can be analyzed in detail, and strengths and weaknesses can be discussed with accurate data. Jobs related to data analysis are gaining importance, benefiting both companies and customers. It is important to analyze enormous amounts of data and thus gain an advantage over competitors. The interest in data science is increasing, regardless of the size, industry, or location of a company.

What is data science in 5 Minutes?


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Is Data Science relevant for your company?

If you’re in industries like automotive or finance, want to make data-driven decisions, or your KPIs are fed by multiple data sources, consider hiring Data Scientists. 

In recent years, companies are increasingly looking for a fresh perspective without the financial burden of hiring a traditional consulting firm. Also working to the detriment of employers is the high demand for data scientists of all types, which currently significantly exceeds supply. In Germany in particular, there has been an enormous shortage of skilled workers for years, and especially now due to accelerated digitization.

With regard to employment models, freelance data scientists are therefore a suitable option to get into the topic of data science, to achieve initial successes, to initiate new projects, or to overcome personnel bottlenecks.

Did we pique your interest or are you looking for more information regarding data science, big data, and data-driven decision-making? Contact us! We are more than happy to share our experiences with you.

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