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Empower the Next Generation of IT Pros - Hacker School


This year we have seen an IT landscape that has evolved rapidly, with great advances and an urgent need to attract more skilled workers. As an expression of our gratitude and commitment, we donated 5,000 euros to the Hacker School on behalf of our partners, customers, and freelancers to support the next generation of IT talent. We invite everyone to join us and take action. Let’s become inspirers together at the Hacker School and get young people excited about IT.

2023: A Dynamic Year for IT and Our Ongoing Mission

2023 has once again shown us in the tech world that standing still is not an option. Along with the usual challenges, we have witnessed tremendous progress, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the ever-increasing importance of Cybersecurity.

Let’s look at the facts: Digitalization is accelerating, but can we keep up in Germany? Did you know that although more young people are studying IT, the demand for IT professionals is still growing faster? Moreover, we have only about 17% female representation in the IT sector.

As a community of IT enthusiasts, we feel especially grateful for the strength and support we draw from our network. Our partners, customers, and freelancers are the backbone of our industry, and for that, we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

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Our Commitment: Donation and Initiative

Rooted in this gratitude is our decision to make another donation of 5000 euros to the non-profit Hacker School instead of individual gifts – in the name of all those who work with us: all partners, customers, and freelancers. A thousand thanks for the successful collaboration in 2023!

The Hacker School plays a crucial role in the German education system by enabling young people to gain valuable programming experience and to ignite and develop a passion for IT professions.

We cannot just stand by; we must take action! You can be part of this movement. Join our co-founder Ralf and become an inspirer for the IT youth in Germany together with the Hacker School!

IT is more than just coding – it’s about creativity, collaboration, and genuine innovation. Let’s show how cool and versatile this field can be.

Looking Back: Inspiring and Captivating

This year, together with the Hacker School, we conducted an inspiring session in the @yourschool format for 30 students. Guided by two freelancers from the ElevateX community – David and Andi – and our co-founder Ralf, we provided insights into the world of IT that went far beyond the classroom. The enthusiastic feedback from the participants has reinforced our commitment to continue on this path. It is the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing that drives ElevateX.

We are on the cusp of a world where IT competence is crucial. We want young people to experience the IT industry for what it truly is: a creative, cooperative, and innovative field.This

Now it's your turn – join our action!

We are building on this success and aim to achieve even more in the coming year.

With another donation to the Hacker School, we are making a strong statement about the importance of education and practical experience in IT. But even more important is taking action!

Now it’s your turn: We invite you to be part of our initiative.

We encourage you to stand with us. Everyone, whether an experienced professional or a newcomer to IT, can make a valuable contribution. Your time commitment is limited to one hour of preparation and a morning to conduct the course. There are numerous remote sessions throughout the year. Together, we will create an IT world that is advanced, creative, and inclusive.

If you are interested, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to organize a non-binding information event with the Hacker School to answer all your questions.

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Yes, I want to learn more

Please provide your email address if you want to learn more about the Hacker School and how you can join us supporting the Hacker School hands on.

Why You Should Help?

  1. Promoting digital literacy: You can help children and young people discover their digital skills. You can motivate them to help shape their own lives and find out whether IT can become a hobby or even a profession for them.
  2. Be a role model for young people: The children and young people who attend the courses should take their first steps in programming without any previous knowledge. So technically, it’s less of a challenge for you. But for many young people, their inspiration becomes a real role model.
  3. Gathering new impulses: You understand your own knowledge better when you prepare and formulate it for young people. The courageous and unbiased way of thinking of the participants also often triggers new thoughts – let yourself be surprised!
  4. Become part of a community: Inspirers all over Germany are committed to the Hacker School – become part of this constantly growing network, get to know like-minded people and exchange ideas.

Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry – the Hacker School takes care of everything:

  • Provides you with a curriculum (which you can tweak and adjust to your experience)
  • Weekly Onboarding dates
  • Always available for your questions

Wrap Up

We are inspired by the vision of the Hacker School and look forward to working with them. It makes us happy that we can help to develop young people’s talent in programming. Besides, we are excited to see who we will soon joins us as an instructor! We will keep you updated about the latest happenings on LinkedIn and on our blog.

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