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Have you ever heard of the Hacker School? The Hacker School fills an important gap in the German education system: It enables young people to gain programming experience and to be gripped by exciting career opportunities in IT. Find out exactly what that means and how we support the Hacker School in this blog post.

What Does the Hacker School Do?

Hack the world a better place is the motto of the non-profit Hacker School, which has been partnering with committed businesses and their IT professionals since 2014 to teach digital education and 21st century skills to children and young people. The Hacker School concept combines on-site and online programming courses with IT professionals from dedicated organizations who are committed to digital education and share their own love of IT with participants.

It fosters tomorrow’s IT professionals and encourages children and young people (ages 11 to 18) to take an interest in programming. No prior knowledge is required to participate in the course. Young people can discover that they have talent and skills that are dormant or unrealized, which they can develop and pursue.

What Is @yourschool?

The new format @yourschool is currently the main objective of the Hacker School. It is designed to inspire interest in digital careers among all young people, but notably among girls and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Its objective is that through professional affiliation,lived equality, and equal opportunity can become a reality. Not dividing society, but rather uniting it, is what digital education must do.

The Hacker School gives entire classes of children the chance to learn the fundamentals of IT in a single morning, without any prerequisite work on their part and at no cost to the school or the students. In addition, it imparts 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, cooperation, communication, and creativity. According to Dr. Julia Freudenberg, CEO of the Hacker School, “early excitement for digital and information technology education is essential if we wish to achieve social engagement through professional integration.”

The Hacker School collaborates with committed businesses that make their employees -usually trainees and students from the IT sector – available to serve as course instructors to implement the @yourschool courses.

How Does ElevateX Help?

IT skills are undoubtably fundamental these days. We have been looking for some means to encourage young people to give IT and programming a shot for quite some time. Why? We’d love for the young generation to experience first-hand how diverse, creative, and communicative that line of work is. It might change their lives.

We love how hands-on the Hacker School is tackling IT-education in Germany and we want to support that crucial effort: In the name of all our partners, clients, and our freelancer community in the year 2022, we’ve supported the Hacker School with a donation of 5000€.

In addition, we are going to get involved in the @yourschool format and lead courses together with the Hacker School. We’d love for you to join us. Wouldn’t it be fun to share your passion for IT and programming and inspire the future generation of IT experts?

Our technical co-founder Ralf joined as an instructor and is looking for co-instructors. Join him if you think this could be fun. If you are generally interested, please let us know and we are happy to organize an information session with the Hacker School to answer all your questions – no obligations.

Weihnachtsgrüße von ElevateX - mit Ralf und Sören
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Yes, I want to learn more

Please provide your email address if you want to learn more about the Hacker School and how you can join us supporting the Hacker School hands on.

Why You Should Help?

  1. Promoting digital literacy: You can help children and young people discover their digital skills. You can motivate them to help shape their own lives and find out whether IT can become a hobby or even a profession for them.
  2. Be a role model for young people: The children and young people who attend the courses should take their first steps in programming without any previous knowledge. So technically, it’s less of a challenge for you. But for many young people, their inspiration becomes a real role model.
  3. Gathering new impulses: You understand your own knowledge better when you prepare and formulate it for young people. The courageous and unbiased way of thinking of the participants also often triggers new thoughts – let yourself be surprised!
  4. Become part of a community: Inspirers all over Germany are committed to the Hacker School – become part of this constantly growing network, get to know like-minded people and exchange ideas.

Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry – the Hacker School takes care of everything:

  • Provides you with a curriculum (which you can tweak and adjust to your experience)
  • Weekly Onboarding dates
  • Always available for your questions

Wrap Up

We are inspired by the vision of the Hacker School and look forward to working with them. It makes us happy that we can help to develop young people’s talent in programming. Besides, we are excited to see who we will soon joins us as an instructor! We will keep you updated about the latest happenings on LinkedIn and on our blog.

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