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UI Designers work on both the front-end and the back-end. They ensure that users find their way around an application as intuitively and pleasantly as possible. To do this, they design the interface between the user and the application.

UI Designer Job Profile

What Is the Salary of a UI Designer?

The average salary for a UI designer is around 40,500€ per year. As with other IT professions, the salary increases according to the level of the degree and experience. The industry and the state also affect the salary of a UI designer.  
For freelancers, the hourly wage is €75 per hour. Of course, depending on experience and qualifications, the hourly wage can be more or less. If you convert the hourly rate to an 8-hour day, the daily rate for freelance UI designers is about 610€ per day. However, it is important to keep in mind that freelancers do not incur several cost items that are not included in the salary of permanent employees. This means insurance, vacation days, and hardware. Freelance UI designers are only paid for their working hours. 

Salary After Graduation 
The starting salary after the bachelor’s degree is €36,440. After the master’s degree, the average salary rises to about 40,500€.  
The salary for UI designers with a PhD is over 47,700€. 

Salary After Company Size 
Depending on the financial means, the salary for UI designers is lowest in a start-up. The average annual salary here is around €37,660. In medium-sized companies, the average salary rises to over 40,000€ annually. 
The highest salary is paid by large companies. For UI designers in a large company, the average annual salary is about 45,350€.  

Salary After Industry 
The highest average annual salary here is paid in the automotive industry, as good design is particularly crucial in this industry. The average annual salary in the automotive industry for UI designers is between €42,150 and €46,250. Relatively close to each other are the medical and energy industries. 
The lowest salary is in the trade and logistics sector. The average annual salary here is between €35,700 and over €39,000. 

Salary After State 
Since the cost of living is lower in the eastern states, the salary tends to be lower here than in the western states. In Hesse, you can earn the most money as a UI designer. Here, the average salary is between €42,250 and €46,380, followed closely by Baden-Württemberg. The states with the lowest salaries for UI designers are Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt. The average annual salary here is between 33,500€ and 34,700€. 

What Is a User Interface?

In simple terms, this is the interface between people and software or computers. A user interface should be designed in such a way that the user can operate it without any problems and no comprehension problems occur. The optimal user interface is therefore beautiful to look at, efficient and easy to use. 

Examples of user interfaces are: 

– A remote control for the television 
– Control elements on various devices 
– The user interface of a software 

There are different types of user interfaces: 

Command Line Interface 
The CLI is the command line or the command line of a user interface on the computer. The command line takes input from the user via a text line. 

Graphical User Interface 
The GUI is the graphical user interface of a software. It is usually operated with a mouse and keyboard, on mobile devices also via a touchscreen. 

Tangible User Interface 
In TUI, the user interacts with a physical input or output medium. 

Text User interface 
With the Text User Interface, which is also abbreviated TUI, the user interface consists of pure text. In contrast to the Command Line Interface, the Text User Interface uses a screen or a screen window completely. 

Voice User Interface 
Das VUI ist eine sprachgesteuerte Benutzeroberfläche. Diese ermöglichen sowohl Spracheingaben, als auch Sprachausgaben. Gängige Beispiele für diese Art Interface sind die Sprachassistenten von Google, Amazon und Apple.

What Is the Difference Between UI and UX?

UI design focuses mainly on the interaction between humans and machines. This includes both the usability of a website, but also the interface of an app or mobile application. UI designers focus exclusively on this named interface. Less relevant is the user’s experience and the flow between interfaces. 

UX and UI designers work closely together to measure and improve user experience and usability. In the process, they constantly test new designs to correct errors. 

UI designers have knowledge of front-end development and graphic design. Visual aspects in particular are important, while UX designers are more focused on user experience. 

The focus in UI design is on visual touchpoints that allow the user to interact. They create combinations of fonts, color palettes, buttons, animations, and images. UX design encompasses the entire user experience from first contact to last. They create structural design solutions that the user has throughout the journey with the product. 

UX design aims to delight with efficiency, while UI design aims to delight with design.

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How Does a Good UI Designer Portfolio Look Like?

Creating a good and attractive portfolio is a great way to showcase your ideas and talents in design.   
A well-designed portfolio attracts clients and ensures better chances at the job interview. Especially for freelancers, a descriptive portfolio is helpful in creating a welcoming impression to potential clients.  
Basically, a good portfolio design is always a question of taste.  
Below you will find 5 examples for a good portfolio design: 

1. Mengdi Zhang

Mengdi Zhang UI Design

The design is kept very minimalistic, and you can immediately find all the important information you need. Via the menu bar, you have the possibility to learn more about the designer. 
In general, the design is very simple and does not look cluttered. 

2. Jared Bartman

Jared Bartman UI Design Portfolio

In this design, more focus is placed on colors. Here, too, the coherent colors and the few words provide a clear overview. The reader knows immediately what it is about. 

3. Simon Foster

Simon Foster UI Desgin Portfolio

This design is a good example of creativity. Quasi without a word, you still get a quick overview of the creator of this portfolio. For example, the focus here is on mobile design.  
If you want to learn more, click through the menu items at the top of the page. 

4. Tom Parkes

Tom Parkes UI Designer Portfolio

In this portfolio, the focus is clearly more on the text. There are no images and especially the vertical headline stands out. Nevertheless, the portfolio follows a clear structure and everything is clearly legible and structured. Also, a good example of a special portfolio design. 

5. Run Wild

Run Wild UI Design Portfolio

A very inspiring portfolio design. Little text, a meaningful image, and a CTA that encourages the reader to learn more about the creator. Here is clearly more emphasis on emotions and only in the second move you learn more about the brand behind it. Another option that is also nice to look at. 

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