Capture trade fair leads digitally - mobile app lead ONE

With over 20 years of experience in the areas of lead management and generation in B2B, trade fairs and events, sales organizations and their processes, lead on has digitized the recording of trade fair reports and developed the mobile, individually adaptable trade fair app lead ONE.

lead on – that’s more than 60 highly motivated communication experts who are very familiar with your products and target groups. Since 2007 lead on has been your reliable partner for professional dialogue marketing in B2B: from lead generation and hotline services to software and app development to communication training and trade fair appearances. In this way, the company – based in Potsdam – supports well-known companies from the industry, trade and IT sectors to communicate more successfully with their customers and to sell more.

Digital lead recording - document trade fair reports via smartphone or tablet

The Challenge

The focus of the app is on the simple and intuitive recording of customer conversations and trade fair reports. Regardless of whether it is an Android smartphone or iOS tablet, offline capability, data exchange with the most common CRM systems, or easy and fast export of the collected leads as PDF, Excel or CSV files – the app’s functions are extensive. Moreover, the system can be customized to individual needs.

While the internal development of the first version of the iOS app and the backend system was well advanced, an equivalent Android version had to be developed for an upcoming major trade fair. How do you do this without free developer capacities? The solution: ElevateX.

What We Did

Within a very short time, ElevateX recruited an available Android expert who – after an initial onboarding day – implemented the desired Android app independently and on schedule.

Thanks to short feedback loops and close communication eye-to-eye with the project manager, it was ensured that the Android version meets all customer requirements. In addition to the actual development work, Android-specific architecture knowledge and best practices were shared  in order to enable the lead on project team to independently maintain and expand the app after its initial creation.

As the number of customers increased, the functionalities of the system increased accordingly. lead on regularly relied on ElevateX to quickly and easily strengthen the team with additional Android and iOS developers to implement new functions. For example, the native support of the Apple Pencil for the creation of handwritten notes and sketches was one of the features.

In addition to the existing iOS app, the lead ONE Android version could be released on time for the planned trade fair. It was a great success.

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Why it makes a difference

Speed And Efficiency

Trade fair time is precious. Every minute should be devoted to the customer and not spent on administrative tasks. By digitally capturing and presenting information, you present yourself to your customers in a professional and contemporary manner.

lead ONE enables faster response times after visiting a trade fair or customer, as information is available for direct processing. Automated follow-up processes such as “Thank you” E-Mails  or the direct dispatch of the desired information material become as easy as one click.

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