The four-step guide to working effectively with freelancers

Wie gelingt die Arbeit mit Freiberuflern? - Integration richtig angehen

Freelancers are more in demand than ever, especially in the IT industry! As companies want to keep up with the sudden surge in digitization, they are increasingly employing IT-freelancers. Doing so effectively, without losing sight of the legal aspects, requires just four steps as described in this article.

Please find the full article written in German here.

1. Onboarding is crucial

Please find more details on this topic in our article “On- and offboarding of a freelancer – pillar for success”.

2. Goal setting and being transparent

3. Regular Communication - leverage multiple channels

4. Feedback and 1:1 Check-ins

We at ElevateX are more than happy to support you in finding a suitable freelancer and guide you through the various processes from onboarding, to gathering feedback, and offboarding. Have we piqued your interest? Please reach out to us.

Wie gelingt die Arbeit mit Freiberuflern? - Integration richtig angehen

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