The 9 Best Free AI Chatbots 

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In the field of corporate customer service, AI chatbots have become a true hype. When used correctly, artificial intelligence can operate independently, thereby relieving the company’s employees. Since the AI chatbot is always available and has an answer for almost every customer question, its use leads to high customer satisfaction. Several providers now offer a free AI chatbot. These 9 software applications are recommended. 

What are AI Chatbots Used For?

An AI chatbot, whether free or paid, can take on many different tasks within a company. Upon a verbal or written request, the AI chatbot with artificial intelligence can, for example, write texts on various topics. The software application can also be used to easily analyze or rewrite texts. This is especially interesting for companies that regularly need fresh content for their websites. If you write a blog, you can also benefit from a free AI chatbot. Texts can also be easily translated into other languages. 

An AI Chatbot is Helpful in Various Areas

Texts can also be summarized with the free AI chatbot. It’s also possible to extract the most important points and rephrase smaller texts. In smaller companies, you can use the AI chatbot to create shopping lists for office materials. The dialog software can be taught to compile a list that can be accessed weekly or monthly. A free AI chatbot can also assist you in the company with idea collection for meetings and seminars. The AI chatbot lists the desired keywords on various topics. A whole collection of topics is thus also possible.

Good Chatbots Deliver Answers in Seconds

A free AI chatbot can optimally support your company’s customer service. With the dialog software, recurring customer questions can be answered in a chat. Since the answer to the question comes in seconds, customer satisfaction increases. Importantly, unlike an employee, a chatbot can answer thousands of queries simultaneously, making it the perfect support. With each question, the chatbot learns through generative AI and can thus give much more complex answers over time. 


  • AI chatbots are versatile and make tasks such as text creation and customer communication easier.

  • They increase customer satisfaction through constant availability and fast, efficient responses.

  • The market offers a growing selection of free AI chatbots, including well-known names such as ChatGPT and innovative alternatives.

ChatGPT AI Chatbot

Among the most well-known AI chatbots is ChatGPT. The tool from the Californian AI research company OpenAI responds to simple inquiries in the familiar chat format and can compose various texts like presentations, reviews, blog posts, and essays. ChatGPT can also analyze and summarize texts. ChatGPT can also communicate with you. The AI chatbot, available for free or for a fee, then acts like a human conversation partner, ready to answer every question. 

How to Use ChatGPT Free of Charge?

The AI chatbot is available free of charge and can be easily installed as a desktop application on Windows. ChatGPT is also available as an iOS app and can be accessed in various browsers at A valid email address is sufficient for registration. However, the free version of the AI chatbot ChatGPT has a small disadvantage:

The free version of ChatGPT is often overloaded.

Especially in the early evening hours or during peak times, the server of the AI chatbot is overloaded and thus not accessible. You cannot use the free AI chatbot, or can only use it to a limited extent, during these times. For continuous use, the paid version is recommended. Since part of the server is reserved for paying users, you have access to the tool day and night. Extensions and improvements are primarily made available to paying customers.

Writing Program Codes with Some Chatbots

Communication with the chatbot is smooth when the posed questions are neither too cumbersome nor too complex. The chatbot also has the ability to program. To do this, you simply post a faulty programming code to ChatGPT. The chatbot corrects the code and writes it in a programming language of your choice. 

What Free AI Chatbots Exist?

If you’re looking for a free AI chatbot, you’ll quickly find one online. Following the huge success of the AI chatbot ChatGPT, many other software developers and machine learning engineers have also decided to offer their tools either partially or completely for free. 


The ChatGPT chatbot is trained on a diverse array of text data and is the ideal software application for shorter answers to questions or text generation. Writing and learning Python, JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Swift is possible. 


  • Content creation 
  • Writing code 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Conventional AI 
  • Multilingual


  • Free, but with limited usability 
  • High usage and downtime 
  • Sometimes provides insufficient answers


Bing is a versatile research tool that provides you with detailed page information and can generate images. The tool is partly integrated into the search engine. It includes reliable source citations. 


  • Provides detailed source citations 
  • Multilingual 
  • Content creation 
  • Writing code


  • Limited queries during conversation 
  • Does not remember chat history 
  • Outdated information is not updated


Perplexity is a search engine that operates in chatbot style, allowing users to ask questions in natural language. 


  • Searches the internet for current information 
  • Provides source citations 
  • Available as a Chrome extension and app


  • Output often only available in English 
  • Bot is limited to the first search results 
  • Often reports that no content can be found


Replika is a free AI chatbot that builds an emotional relationship without questioning one’s own persona. The chatbot learns from the questions and almost seems human.


  • The chatbot is very entertaining and inquisitive 
  • Diverse leisure activities 
  • Interesting for people with few social contacts


  • Essentially creates a copy of one’s own self 
  • Processes sensitive data 
  • Potential for addiction
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YouChat is a real ChatGPT alternative that was developed in Germany and can create texts. The information originates from the Internet and is backed up with references.


  • Provides source citations in the text 
  • Good tool for internet research 
  • Freely available 
  • Writes code


  • Does not always respond in detail 
  • Links are outdated

Google Bard

Like various competing products, Google Bard answers simple and more difficult questions in a conversational manner. The use of online resources makes the answers high-quality. 


  • Very fast responses 
  • Free 
  • Can write code 
  • Strong in logic and mathematics


  • Dependent on Google

Google Socratic

Google Socratic is a free AI chatbot where users can ask questions about schoolwork at high school or university level. It provides curated search results, detailed explanations, and links to videos.


  • Database already contains over 350,000 questions  
  • Free of charge  
  • Supports many subject areas


  • Often lacks precision in languages 
  • The app can encourage cheating 
  • No save or archive function


HuggingChat is an open-source chatbot that serves as an alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The chatbot is used for communication with its human counterpart.


  • Easy-to-understand interface 
  • Writes codes 
  • Writes texts or emails 
  • Particularly skilled in problem-solving


  • No up-to-date datasets 
  • Code output is not at the level of ChatGPT


Character is an intelligent web application that allows chatting with artificially created characters. The characters are generated by a neural language model that, for example, imitates Elon Musk or Taylor Swift.


  • Generates human-like text responses 
  • Contextual conversations are possible 
  • Available in more than 30 languages


  • Potential misuse of voices 

Caution When Downloading Free AI Chatbots

When downloading a free AI chatbot, you must be cautious. Websites that turn out to be subscription traps frequently appear on the internet. When downloading from an app store, always pay attention to the logo and the company name. For downloading to your notebook or computer, it is always recommended to visit the manufacturer’s website. 


If you have a company with customer service, a free or paid AI chatbot can be an optimal relief. The chatbot works independently and answers customer questions automatically, especially around the clock. The selection of free chatbots is constantly growing. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to rely on ChatGPT, which can be overloaded at certain times of the day. 

A free or paid AI chatbot is a software application that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The automated responses are simulated in a human data exchange.

To use the AI chatbot for free, you simply create an account with OpenAI. After signing up, ChatGPT is available to you and can be used for various applications. 

There is now a very large selection of AI chatbots available for free. The most well-known software solutions from software developers include Bing, ChatGPT, Replika, Perplexity, YouChat, and Google Bard, as well as Google Socratic, HuggingChat, and Character. 

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