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Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is possibly the new age of the internet, based on blockchain technology and decentralized structures.
Web 3 is likely to have a large impact for individuals and the economy as a whole.
Here we share our stories and perspectives on Blockchain, Web 3.0, Crypto, decentralization, dApps, DeFi, and NFTs.

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What Are dApps

Beginner’s Guide: What Are dApps?

Not only the internet itself can be decentralized. Also, when it comes to applications for computers or mobile phones, those can also base on the blockchain technology. Such decentralized apps, or dApps, offer new possibilities and advantages.

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Difference Between Web1,Web2 and Web3

Web1, Web2, and Web3 – An Explainer

Bitcoin, NFTs, and cybersecurity are all terms that have appeared due to the evolution of the internet to the now current Web3. To understand the progress and the possibilities, we highlight the differences from the present Web to its predecessors (1 and 2).

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Consensus Mechanisms

Consensus Mechanisms: Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

Blockchains are one of the most important technologies of the future. However, since they do not have a central authority that controls the network, the participants decide through a so-called consensus mechanism. Through these mechanisms, the state of the blockchain can be verified. In this article, we focus on the two most important of them: the Proof of Work and the Proof of Stake.

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Different Types of Blockchain

The 4 Blockchain Types Explained

Several different types of blockchain exist, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to know the different types of Blockchain in order to build the optimal network. Depending on the requirements of the Blockchain, one has to decide between public, private, consortium or hybrid network. We will explain what this means in our blog post.

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Blockchain Beginners Guide

Beginner’s Guide: A Simple Introduction to Blockchain

Hardly anyone has gotten around the topic of blockchain in recent months and years. No matter whether it is the Blockchain itself or related topics such as Bitcoin or Smart Contracts.

But what is blockchain actually?

In this article, we will give you a simple overview of the technology, how it works, what possible areas of applications are and what advantages and disadvantages the blockchain brings contains.

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