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WordPress Developer

WordPress Developers are well versed in the WordPress web application and its plug-ins. In addition, they are proficient in the programming languages relevant to WordPress, such as HTML, CSS or PHP.

WordPress Developer Job Profile

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is fundamentally the simplest and most well-liked platform for building your own website or blog. In actuality, WordPress powers over 43.3% of all websites on the web. On a slightly more technical note, WordPress is a GPLv2-compliant open source content management system. This implies that the WordPress software is freely usable and modifiable by anyone. A content management system is essentially a tool that enables you to quickly manage crucial elements of your website, such content, without having any programming experience. WordPress ultimately makes website creation accessible to everyone, even those who aren’t programmers. 

What Does a WordPress Developer Do?

One kind of Web Developer is a WordPress Developer. They are experts in using WordPress to create websites. They can create both the front end and the back end of a website because they are full-stack developers. The WordPress software can be improved, or a client’s unique website can be created, by hiring a WordPress Developer. 

A WordPress Developer’s typical duties include:  

  • designing and creating new features and capabilities 

  • converting client needs into technological requirements 

  • putting in place and maintaining a website’s architecture 

  • coding, testing, and bug-fixing

How Do WordPress Developers Work?

A WordPress Developer has the option of working for a business or working as a freelancer. There are various job-seeking platforms that link WordPress Developers and potential clients for those looking for freelance opportunities. If you want to become a WordPress Developer but are not interested in freelancing, you also have possibilities. Software development firms, digital marketing consultancies, and SaaS management corporations are a few examples of companies that hire WordPress Developers.

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WordPress Developer as Freelancer

As you only work with clients you agree to, freelancing gives more freedom and flexibility than the majority of other lifestyles. You can get going really quickly and easily. However, you do need money to purchase tools and equipment, as well as an office. 

Skills and Requirements you need: 

  • Skills with time management  

  • Good approach to launch a business


  • Several chances to communicate with other independent contractors (if you make the effort)  
  • Good approach to launch a business 


  • A lot of administrative effort and customer acquisition  

  • A challenge to take time off 

How Much Does a WordPress Developer Earn?

According to Stepstone, the average annual salary for WordPress developers is 38,300€. One can probably earn up to 46,500€. In general, however, you can expect a salary of at least 33,300€.

How to Become a WordPress Developer?

  1. Become familiar with WordPress: Before you have mastered front-end and back-end development, you can start utilizing WordPress. WordPress is a popular alternative for people who wish to create their own website but don’t have any coding skills because it is user-friendly for beginners. It’s comparable to the likelihood that a prospective photographer will buy a camera before finishing a photography course. While learning how to oversee more complex development, you can gain knowledge of the fundamentals and establish a solid basis for the product.

  2. Acquire the necessary abilities: WordPress is well-liked in part because it requires just little technical knowledge from users. Professional WordPress Developers, however, need to be proficient in both web development and site design.

  3. Make your resume better: In order to be considered for a job, you must demonstrate your competitiveness, regardless of how popular your preferred profession may be. WordPress Developers’ educational backgrounds range from a high school diploma to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The ability to succeed in an entry-level position can be acquired through higher education. It’s not the only approach, though, to gain knowledge and demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

What Are the Career Prospects?

For the past 12 years, WordPress has been the CMS with the fastest growth. WordPress Developers are part of an employment industry that is expanding quickly. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that between 2020 and 2030, the employment of Web Developers and Digital Designers will increase by 13%. According to that figure, there are about 17,900 job opportunities each year.

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