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iOS is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices. iOS Developers develop applications that are optimized for this operating system.

iOS Developer Job Profile

What Is iOS Development?

iOS Development is the development of apps for Apple’s iOS operating system. The iOS mobile operating system is installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. iOS apps are typically written in the Swift programming language in the Xcode development environment. 

With privacy policies and a rigorous submission process to the App Store, Apple aims to support the development of high-quality, user-friendly apps. However, programming native iOS apps can be very challenging for developers because iOS app development must meet Apple’s requirements. Therefore, iOS Development is much more than just programming an app. The process requires proper planning, research, and most importantly, following Apple’s guidelines. 

What Is an iOS Developer?

Although iOS Developers are colloquially called iPhone Developers, they don’t deal only with iPhone Development in Silicon Valley at all. iOS Developers develop applications for tablets and smartphones based on the Apple iOS operating system. Apart from application programmingit also includes iOS game development. In addition, an iOS Developer creates impressive user experiences. His tasks also include maintaining the developed applications during their life cycle and their continuous optimization. He continuously adds new innovative features to existing applications and architectures. Through code reviews and crowd testing, he ensures quality and performance. 

How Do You Become an iOS Developer?

Many iOS Developers are career changers with programming experience who have already written programs for other systems – such as Java or C/C on Windows. A previous apprenticeship as an IT specialist or a degree in computer science at a technical college or university is also a good basis. However, it is also possible to get started without prior knowledge of programming, especially with a great affinity for digital. 

A key qualification for iOS Developers is knowledge of the relatively new programming language Swift. Apple developed it specifically for iOS app development. “Swift has become the gold standard for iOS development,” said Raffaela Rein, CEO and co-founder of CareerFoundry. “Basically, anyone with sufficient Swift skills can apply to be an iOS developer at a company.” 

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What Does The Work of an iOS Developer Look Like?

The work is usually project-oriented and developers receive work assignments from the project manager. Since apps are usually not very large applications, they are usually programmed by a single developer. Development teams are quite rare and consist of only a few people at best. 

Nevertheless, iOS development is teamwork: In addition to the developers, many other experts work on the application. One important position is the user interface designer, who is responsible for designing the user interface. In addition, most applications require one or more end developers to ensure connectivity to servers in the cloud. 

What Are The Requirements for publishing an iOS app?

  • Final app: Meets Apple’s App Store guidelines and Human Interface Guidelines. 

  • Apple Developer Registration: Sign up for the Apple Developer Program and register as an Apple developer. 

  • Technical Requirements: Computer with macOS and Xcode installed 

What are the steps involved in Publishing an iOS App?

  • Creation of an App Store Connect app listing

  • Configuring the Xcode project for publication

  • Archiving and uploading the app using Xcode: To submit an app for review by App Store Connect, the build must be uploaded via Xcode

  • Include all the details about the app in the App Store Connect entry

  • The review: The initial review period takes between 3 and 7 days. Review of app updates is faster – often within 1 to 3 days

  • Publication: the app can be found in the App Store. Downloads, sales, ratings, and reviews can be accessed directly in App Store Connect 

What Does an iOS Developer Earn?

According to Compensation Partner’s compensation survey, app developers earn an average of 73,150€ gross per year. In the IT industry, only IT consultants and information security experts earn more. Other sources estimate the annual salary for app developers at around 47,000€.   

Salary depends on the size of the employer, location, industry, work experience and education. App developers earn more with a master’s degree than with a bachelor’s degree. Large companies pay better than small ones. IT salaries are particularly high in biotechnology, semiconductors and engineering. They are particularly low in retail, hospitals, temporary work and call centers.

Why Is It So Difficult to Find iOS Developers?

iOS Developers are experts who are trained in the iOS operating system. At the same time, they should also be relatively broad-based and able to take the user’s perspective in addition to technical skills. As the digital economy grows, so does the need for skilled iOS app developers. Smaller companies in particular use this mobile operating system frequently and are therefore looking for suitable developers. 

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