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Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers are responsible for enterprise cloud services. They create them, maintain the servers, define security measures and test the systems.

Cloud Engineer Job Profile

What Is Cloud Engineering?

Many large and increasingly medium-sized companies no longer rely solely on local computers and servers for their IT infrastructureInsteadcloud services are used to access datasoftware and servers via the Internet. In additionmore and more companies are foregoing the purchase of proprietary software, such as ERP systems, and instead rely on professional service providers. These provide an all-round service packageof course stored in the cloud and accessible at any time via the network. 

Advantages of this are:  

  • Acquisition costs are avoided 

  • Flexible online access
  • No own IT teams necessary 

  • High compatibility with digitized enterprise models 

What Are the Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer?

A Cloud Engineer is an IT specialist responsible for all technical tasks related to cloud computing, such as designing, planning, managing, maintaining and supporting cloud environments.   

The tasks of the Cloud Engineer can be divided into different roles, for example Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Developer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Systems Engineer as well as Cloud Network Engineer. Each career field focuses on a specific area of cloud computing, rather than looking at the technology as a whole. Companies hiring Cloud Engineers are usually looking to implement specific cloud services or expand their existing cloud strategy.  

Primary responsibilities include:   

  • Setup and maintenance of cloud-based servers

  • Creation of the infrastructure

  • Establishment of security measures

  • Systems testing

  • Customer conversations  

How to Become a Cloud Engineer?

So farthere are no clear training opportunities for Cloud Engineersalthough more and more companies are already using cloud servicesOne reason for this is that there are many different tasks in the field of cloud computing in particulareach of which is performed by expertsThose who are interested in becoming a Cloud Engineer can take different paths depending on their preference. A very important point for the job of a Cloud Engineerregardless of his specializationis that the expert must have a good knowledge of different scripting languages. Java, Python or Ruby are common here. Cloud engineers must also be able to handle open source operating systems such as Linux, since many server architectures are created with open source systems

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What Does the Career Path Look Like?

A strong understanding of mathematical relationships and mastery of several programming languages are the minimum requirements for Cloud Engineers. The basis for this expertise is a degree in computer scienceUnfortunatelythere is no other way hereAnother good option is to study in another field instead of computer scienceHoweverit is essential here that one can prove experience in the field of scripting languages. This can be done either through relevant work experience or further educationWhile a bachelor’s degree is often sufficient in many professionssome employers also expect a master’s degree in a subject well suited to cloud engineering. 

What Are the Prospects For the Future?

What is certain is that the future is bright for the Cloud Engineer profession. More and more global companies are using Infrastructure as a Service, networking via Amazon Web Services or working with Continuous DeliveryAnsible, Bash or Docker. If you are looking for a versatile, challenging and very well-paid jobthe Cloud Engineer profession offers you this opportunityHoweveryou should like to keep up to date with the latest technologybe proficient in several scripting languages and also have a certain talent when it comes to communicating and illustrating technical detailsCloud Engineers are in high demand internationallywhich means that working abroad or completely location-independent can be part of the job description. Cloud Engineers are currently still mainly sought by large companies – but it is to be expected thatas a result of the Corona pandemicsmaller German companys , which are considered sleepy, will also jump on the cloud computing bandwagon. This will increase employment opportunities. 

What Skills Does a Cloud Engineer Have?

  • Linux: Cloud Engineers have a good knowledge of the Linux operating system, which companies often use for cloud development. Cloud engineers also understand the structure, maintenance and management of Linux servers.

  • Database skills: Cloud Engineers have experience managing cloud databases and knowledge of MySQL and Hadoop.

  • Networking: Cloud Engineers can handle virtual networks and general network management functions.
  • Virtualization: Cloud Engineers have the knowledge of how to deploy and run application software on virtual machines. 
  • Understanding of Cloud Providers: Cloud Engineers know about the different cloud technical functions and the different technical practices across service providers. 

  • Security and Recovery: Cloud Engineers know cybersecurity as it relates to the cloud. 

What Are the Types of Cloud Engineers?

The Cloud Engineer designation encompasses a few different cloud-focused technical roles. Since cloud engineering tasks require many areas of expertise, each role is specialized:  

  • Cloud Architects are responsible for managing the infrastructure of the cloud. These positions oversee the architecture, configuration, and deployment of applications in the cloud.

  • Cloud Software Developers create and maintain software functions, databases and applications for cloud technologies.
  • Cloud Security Engineers develop and maintain functions to ensure the security of cloud-based platforms and applications.

  • Cloud Administrators manage software and hardware associated with the use of cloud-based services
  • Cloud Network Engineers manage and support network infrastructures and connections between customers and service providers.

  • Cloud Automation Engineers are similar to cloud developers, but the focus of this position is on automation, orchestration and integration.  

What Does a Cloud Engineer Earn?

Although the profession of Cloud Engineer is still newthe experts are already in extremely high demand. The market for specialists is correspondingly empty and the job opportunities in this field are accordingly high. Starting out in cloud engineering is already extremely lucrative for career startersas the position pays around 40,000 euros per yearWith professional experiencespecializations and further trainingthe starting salary can easily be doubled. On averagecloud engineers earn 65,000 euros gross per year. 


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