How do companies benefit from migrating to cloud computing?

Wie profitieren Unternehmen von der Migration zu Cloud-Computing?

How do companies benefit from cloud computing? What opportunities and challenges does the cloud actually offer? Globally, companies are faced with the question of whether and how they want to switch to the cloud. There are a few important facts to consider, starting with planning the long-term use. In this article, we go into cloud computing itself, its advantages and disadvantages, and other important aspects related to the topic.

What is cloud computing anyway

“Cloud computing” is basically the provisioning of computing resources such as server infrastructure, storage facilities, or software via the Internet. The usage of the cloud offers users faster innovations, flexible usage of resources, and economies of scale.

Why should you consider cloud computing?

According to a survey by Deloitte, security and data protection, data modernization and, finally, the costs and services of IT operations are the most important drivers for cloud migration.

  • In view of the rapidly increasing number of cyberattacks, companies are striving to find intelligent solutions that offer them highest IT security. Cloud providers are often able to address the security requirements of companies, even the requirements of states. Cloud services offer storage security, encryption, and auditing. In addition, data is often saved redundantly to enable quick and easy recovery in the event of a failure. Cyber-attacks aimed at company data have increased in recent years. The victims of the attacks often have to pay millions of euros to retrieve their data. You can mitigate such risks by storing them redundantly in different locations.
  • The data modernization includes the most important advantage of the decentralized storage location for many users and especially for remote work. This gives users access to company data regardless of their location or device.
  • Finally, the reduced costs and services of IT operations are also a decisive advantage. Cloud computing is service-oriented and only the service that is actually used is billed.

In summary, it can be seen that migrating to the cloud with good planning and implementation can be of great benefit.

Please find the full article, in German, here.

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