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The majority of people who create apps are creative thinkers with the ability to program new concepts as apps and then promote them. Every app developer must be driven by a desire to learn new, specialized information and put it into practice in light of the constant advancement of technology.   

App Developer Job Profile

What Is an App Developer?

In essence, App Developers adapt to the times. They must be aware of what their clients desire. How can clients get more quickly to their destination? How should app users utilize the app? On the one hand, the app developer has the option to work alone, creating and marketing his own apps. He may, however, work for a company that specializes in programming, promoting the apps to his clientele while doing so. Local companies are wanting to create stand-alone apps in greater numbers. In order for the App Developer to fit in there as well. 

What Are the Tasks of an App Developer?

Probably the first two things that come to mind when you consider what an App Developer actually does are these two things: Programming and software development: however, it usually doesn’t stop there, which has to do with the different requirements in the industry – and the diverse job opportunities. 

You have the option of working independently or in a permanent position as an App Developer. The precise area of duty varies as a result. Jobs in (specialist) agencies are accessible for those seeking permanent employment. If they wish to achieve related initiatives, large firms, businesses in industry and commerce, and public organizations also depend on their own App Developers. Basically, your area of influence spans three key sectors: 

  • You create an app idea (on behalf of your employer) or evaluate a client’s idea to see if it is feasible (as an employee in an agency).


  • You come up with the idea for the app and write the initial version.


  • You will build, program, test, and ensure that the app is accepted for major app stores after adhering to the concept. 

There is internal communication (with coworkers, other departments), as well as external communication (with customers), in addition to the three areas described above. 

As a self-employed software developer, or freelancer, you are accountable for the same three areas, including external communication. However, you have to take care of your own finances and market your firm and your selection of services on your own, which calls for business and commercial acumen. At ElevateX, we’re happy to help you find the right projects for you. 

What Is the Salary of an App Developer?

Although the internet industry has been growing for some time, the Corona crisis has given it an extra boost. The average monthly wage in Germany for App Developers is €4,800, which even outpaces the pay of conventional software developers. This occupation is in high demand. 

How much does a Junior App Developer earn?:

Junior App Developers are young, inexperienced programmers with fewer than three years of industry experience. They often handle simpler jobs, manage smaller projects, avoid client touch, and avoid project management. Junior App Developers in Germany often start out earning €3,650 gross per month.  

How much does a Senior App Developer earn?:

Senior App Developers already have a number of years of work experience under their belts. They have learned a variety of programming languages and technologies throughout this time and frequently have a technology stack-specific specialization. Senior App Developers frequently handle complicated architectural difficulties, manage projects, and mentor younger App Developers. In Germany, Senior App Developers can anticipate an average monthly pay of about €5,000 gross. 

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What Skills Does an App Developer Have?

Programming languages like Objective-C and Swift (for Apple iOS), Java and IDE Eclipse (for Google Android), or C#, C, and C++ are mastered by App DevelopersThey can also benefit from having an understanding of user interfaces and data management systems. Knowledge of business and commerce is becoming more and more crucial for marketing the apps. The profession is built on inventiveness. This makes it possible for App Developers to come up withcreate, and market new apps. 

What Specializations Are There?

Since all App Developers are also Application or Software Developers, App Development is already a specialized field. The distinction is that you just focus on mobile applications, whether they are Web Apps or Native Apps. Native Apps are created exclusively for a mobile operating system, while Web Apps are essentially HTML5 websites that have been expressly coded.   

While it is possible to develop a general genius over time, most developers prefer to concentrate on apps for platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Because there are significant variations not just between the technical development environment and later marketing, but also between UX design. With a combined market share of over 85.1% (Google) and 14.9% (Apple), the two major companies dominate the smartphone market. MS Windows App Development is a specialized industry. 

Wrap Up

– You develop an app idea or check the feasibility of a customer’s idea.  

– You have the idea for an app and write the first version.  

– You build, program, test and ensure that the app is approved for the major app stores after the concept has been developed.  

The average monthly salary for App Developers in Germany is €4,800, which even exceeds the salaries of traditional Software Developers. This profession is in high demand 

Programming languages such as Objective-C and Swift (for Apple iOS), Java and IDE Eclipse (for Google Android) or C#, C and C++ are mastered by App Developers. 

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