Freelancer: 5 tips to successfully negotiate your hourly rate

Freiberufler: 5 Tipps für das erfolgreiche Verhandeln deines Stundensatzes

After freelancers were able to push through ever higher hourly rates over the years, these generally stagnated since the beginning of the pandemic 2020. While large sections of freelancers are suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, the outlook for IT freelancers can be seen as far more positive. IT workers are benefiting from the boom in digitization. 

In addition to staying up-to-date with future trends, it is important to approach contract negotiations in a targeted manner and to sell oneself well. 

Five success factors for every negotiation

  1. The first and most important aspect is to prepare well for the contract negotiation.

  2. Clarify basic expectations, such as on-site vs remote work or client’s budget as early as possible.

  3. Do not justify your price, but the performance and know-how you can deliver.

  4. Recalculate your hourly rate as a freelancer for every project.

  5. Create a win-win situation but don’t sell yourself short and under-value.

Depending on who you interview with – e.g. a representative of a recruitment agency or an engineering manager of the client – you must clearly communicate your strengths to your counterpart.

When it comes to negotiating successfully, most people think of strong arguments and clever rhetoric. They think about how to push through with their own agenda, maybe even exceed expectations, and leave as the. Sounds good, but it’s wrong.

Negotiation professionals know: If you want to negotiate successfully, you have to reach a result that is satisfactory or even beneficial for all parties involved. It is important to achieve a win-win situation, and in doing so, it may be necessary to be willing to compromise.

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