Client Acquisition From a Freelancer’s Perspective – In Every Crisis Lies an Opportunity

No new messages in the inbox, projects are flat, and the number of offers is at an all-time low. Many freelancers have certainly gone through these stages in their working lives. Frustration and tension usually build-up, and the current Corona situation, in particular, does not change this for the better, on the contrary. However, Freelancers who can score points with their adaptability and flexibility can take advantage of the current crisis.

Customer acquisition is one of the most important tools of self-marketing. Due to the current Corona situation, which puts a spoke at the wheel of many self-employed people, it is therefore particularly important to present oneself properly as a freelancer in order to get new projects. Good client acquisition is therefore particularly important to stand out from the crowd and generate targeted growth. The selection of the right communication platforms plays a significant role in this.

We give tips and tricks about good client acquisition and beyond in the linked article. Click here to read the full article.


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